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Healthy Cocktail Recipes - low calorie and sugar, fruit and vegtable, quick and easy to make cocktails

Updated on March 5, 2013

Drinking alcohol and staying healthy are two things that normally do not mix very well. Many people go so far as to sacrificing their beloved drink in favor of health considerations. This is true for cocktail lovers.

While they do look fruity and healthy drinks, and many would like to believe they are, the reality is they are far from it. However, there is a way to enjoy cocktails without having to deal with the negative health impacts.

Healthy suggestions


The most obvious solution to this problem is to go for a mocktail, a cocktail without any alcoholic content. The obvious benefit being that you can enjoy your mixture without the heavy load of calories that are found in most liquor. The Virgin Mary and the Real Shirley Temple are to name but a couple, and a bartender well versed in mixology would know how to knock up a delicious and healthy cocktail upon request.

Cutting Down on Sugars

You can easily cut down your calorie intake when enjoying cocktails by opting for mixers with less sugar content. A Skinny-Cosmopolitan, for example, is a healthier sibling of the Cosmopolitan, made with low-sugar (or sugar-free) cranberry juice. This is a good way of maintaining the original true flavor of a Cosmopolitan whilst cutting out a large portion of the unhealthy aspects.


Okay, so this is not the best example, but it has some benefits to it that are a simple of appeasing both your desire for a cocktail and your worries about the health hazards. Vodka has the benefit that it loses much of its sugar during the distilling process, and is broken down by your body considerably faster than other alcohols.

Homemade Fresh Fruit Cocktails

Perhaps the best way of enjoying cocktails and avoiding consequences to your health is by making your own with fresh fruits and cocktails. An excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins, next time replace a sugar and calorie laden mixture with freshly squeezed fruit or veg. The Bloody Mary is a perfect example of a cocktail that would work perfectly.

So do not fret. If you are stuck in two minds between the delicious flavors of your favorite cocktail and the worrying effect it may have on you health, then try one of these simple suggestions, which allow you to tick both boxes.


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