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Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food For Five Months Old

Updated on June 18, 2012

Has your baby completed four months? Does your baby remain cranky most of the times? It’s the time to introduce semi solid food to your little one. Though many doctors suggest not introducing solids before 6 months; you can also initiate little amounts after consulting the doctor.

Here are some healthy suggestions for better nutrition:


Only 3-4 spoons a day will better satisfy your baby. Dip a Parle-G biscuit in lukewarm milk, mix it properly and this easy to made pie is ready!


Banana is very healthy for babies especially if they have loose motions. Smash a slice of banana properly in milk and feed your baby. Your cutie will definitely love this tasty meal!


Roast suji with milk is very nutritious for infants. You can add sugar or salt to satisfy immature taste buds!

Boiled Vegetables

Boil potato, cauliflower, peas and carrot and smash these to prepare paste. This is superb meal and a delicious diet of course!

Rice/Dal Water

Boil rice or dal and smash it properly to make semi thick paste. Only 2-3 spoons initially are sufficient to develop baby’s taste.

These were some easy –to-make nutritious meals for babies. 4-5 months old babies can’t digest absolute solids. So, make semi-solid food and don’t pressurize digestive system much.


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