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Healthy Party Snacks For Kids

Updated on October 14, 2013

We know the easiest way to celebrate a childs birthday is to just buy a few bags of common party snacks like chips and candy, make sandwiches or order pizza. With that we serve a few gallons of some soda-drinks! Children love it but their body does not. We are often at impression that if we try to serve something healthy on a birthday party that children will hate it, but there are a few things that you can make that children will love. Healthy party snacks for children are very important and are actually quite easy to make and "sell".

Here are some recipes, ideas and tips on how to make your children love healthy snacks!


Natural Juices are the best way to go! Easiest to make is certainly orange juice or lemonade! Economic and kids will love it! You can dilute it with water and best of all it is already sweet so you will not have to add sugar. Electric squeezers are relatively cheap and will make your work a lot easier.

Home made ice tea is another healthier solution. Choose some fruit flavored tea (if your kid has a favorite go with that one). Boil 1 quart of water and put in 4 tea bags. Steep for about 10 minutes then remove the tea bags. Let it cool. You can add some lemon juice or honey to sweeten the taste. Before serving throw in some ice cubes.

Milkshakes and Smoothies these are healthy and there is no way that your child would hate them. You can cleverly throw in some vegetables too. Best way to get kids interested is if you can let them choose their own ingredients (you tossing in a carrot here en there) and make the milkshake/smoothie in front of them. Kids love interaction. Get as much different fruit as you can and let them pick their own.


It would be the healthiest if we could just serve sliced fruits an vegetables as snacks but we all know that won't pass with children (although you can serve fruits)

Rule number 1 in serving healthy food to children is it's appearance. Whatever food you are making try to make it as colorful as possible or even better make it in shapes that kids will love - clowns, animals, stars whatever. The key is making food fun for kids.

Rule number 2 stick with what kids like and make it healthy. Children love pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches so that is exactly what you need to serve them - but with a healthy twist.

Pizza can actually be one of the most balanced and healthy meals. If right and more important fresh ingredients are used! You can make whole wheat crust which will make it even healthier. An since pizza is also a food quickly prepared you can make it interactive again! Let children pick what they will have on their pizza - you can make "toppings categories" and a child can only select 1 ingredient from each category.

Sandwiches are easy to sell to children. You can top them with anything as long as they look good.


Quick Homemade Banana Ice-cream - slice those bananas and pop them in the freezer. After they are frozen take them out and put them in a mixer. Mix! And there you have a delicious and healthy ice-cream! OK, we suggest you add in some other fruits to spice up the flavor (not to much though, we want it to be creamy!). Nonetheless, this sugar free and milk free ice-cream will be as creamy and tasty as the one you would get from the market.

Chocolate dipped fruits and nuts is another thing that will intrigue the kids. Fairly simple to make - just melt down some dark chocolate (add some butter) and dip in whichever fruit or nut you wish or know the children like. To make it even more appealing you can decorate it with strips of white chocolate (also melted down) or with some coconut flower.

Chocolate bars can also work well. Use some crushed nuts, puffed rice or other cereal, dried fruits and lay them (well the ingredient you choose, all in one mix would probably not be a good idea) on the baking paper. You can also try to mix in some peanut butter or honey. Melt down some dark chocolate (you can add some cream if you suspect your children won't be in favor of dark chocolate) and pour it in a thin layer over the selected ingredient. Let it cool.

Do you try and prepare healthy meals for your kid everyday?

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