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Healthy Quiche Recipes

Updated on July 4, 2013


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Whether you are a professional cook or you cook sparingly for yourself, it is so easy to get intimidated by the word ‘quiche’ if you find it on the menu list for dinner. The general perception is that quiches are difficult to prepare but this is far from being true. Healthy quiche recipes are not difficult to prepare at all and they are certainly useful and good considering the benefits you stand to gain by constantly including them in your menu list. Contrary to popular belief, quiche did not originate from France but actually originated from Germany. In fact the word “quiche” is a German word which means “cake”. All over the world, many people are now enjoying quiches as they have come to enjoy the rich flavor quiches have the health benefits that come with them.

After the Second World War, quiches became popular in the UK and the USA. At the outset it was more of a vegetarian recipe but refinements were made and inclusion of meat like shelf, ham or bacon were added as ingredients so as to create more acceptability and more health benefits for people. There are some parts in these recipes that are considered to be very essential and must be added but beyond this, you can enjoy the convenience of improvising the recipe to suit your taste and budget

Many healthy quiche recipes I know are quite simple and very easy to prepare although there are some other ones which require more time and a bit of deft fingers in the kitchen to get prepared. With the right guideline you can be on your way to preparing quiche recipes for yourself or for other people even if you have not been bold enough to do this before. The more you practice with these tips, the better you will become in the kitchen and the preparation of these recipes.

Some Examples of Simple Quiche Recipes

Preparing healthy quiche recipes would require the addition of various ingredients like onions, cheese and other spice or condiments. You can refrigerate the preparation but this should not be more than 24 hours for best results.

Mushroom Quiche

A mushroom quiche is one many people can not get tired of quickly. It is particularly good because of the ease of its preparation and the high nutritive content it has. When making the preparation of a mushroom quiche, you need to make sure that each time you put it in a well drained sliced pimiento along with bacon and drained mushroom stems and pieces. The addition of bacon is optional if you are a vegetarian you can exclude it.

Bacon Quiche

If you are not a vegetarian, a bacon quiche sounds good as much as it tastes good. You can make use chicken instead of bacon if you have fancy for chicken flavor. Remove the cooked and crumbled bacon and having it replaced with chicken to give your desired taste. You can add salt to taste but you will want to be a bit cautious about this.

Crab Quiche

How does crab quiche sound to you? If you are a lover of sea foods, this is certainly worth trying. You can substitute the cooked meat you have in your quiche recipe with crab if you are a seafood enthusiast although there is nothing stopping you adding other meat types to this recipe as well.

Leave Your Own Recipe

Please Leave your own recipe for quiche in the comment section. I would love to prepare something new


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