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Healthy Shabu Shabu, we can do it too at the comfort of our home

Updated on October 18, 2017
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

Simple Shabu-shabu mixed

I have known this through my Chinese Friend

My Friend who is 75% Chinese introduced me to this in 1990s when she brought me at certain Lotus Restaurant in Ongpin, and it became my instant favorite. I like the idea of boiling the soup and put everything on it. The last time I had this shabu-shabu was in 2010 when college gang met at Golder Fortune Restaurant, where Shabu-shabu was also the best.

Recently, in our teambuilding in Tagaytay, a very young officemate, and is a very good cook, suggested home made Shabu-shabu as part of our teambuilding fellowship, I was delighted with the idea and gave my outmost support to it.

Preparing for a shabu shabu is more simple than I can imagine

I was so curious first on how are we going to prepare it. My officemate or Meg seemed very confident that she can really impress us with her shabu-shabu, but I was totally excited, I missed Shabu shabu a lot and Meg made me feel closer to my favorite.

First the broth, according to Meg, it all depends on your taste. You can use Chicken or Beef broth, add spices to make it very tasty.. if you are adventurous or a person who loves to cook and invent new taste, you can also apply it in making a Shabu-Shabu broth. What Meg did was she boiled everything that is available in the kitchen, like Chicken breast, a piece of beef, salt and pepper to taste, celery etc.

There are several shabu shabu broth recipes that you can find in the Internet, but we chose to be simple and original... as long as we have these thin slices of beef, I guess we are still on the right track.

Our Simple Ingredients for our Shabu Shabu

While boiling the broth, we prepared other ingredients, that we are going to soak in the soup.

What we used are the simples ones since we are just trying this for the first time. We have the following: Crabsticks, slice shitake mushroom, Sliced Tofu, thin white noodles, beef thinly sliced, cabbage, celery, and squid balls. Meg also prepared Chile sauce and mince garlic sauce, so that we can have a choice to add more flavors to our soup.

My style

I did my usual thing when I'm preparing my shabu shabu, I boiled my beef with the noodles, or I boiled everything that I like to see in my bowl. Though we can't compare it with the original Shabu-shabu the fun of preparing it and eating it with officemates or friends made it more delicious than the original

I love Shabu-Shabu

Eating it with officemates made me feel a lot closer to them... I like to look at my officemate's son who seemed to enjoy it a lot too.

Doing this at home will create another bonding moments among family members and will be attraction in a party with close friends too.

aside from the ingredients I mentioned above, I would like to suggest watercrest to be included in the list of best veggies for Shabu-shabu, assorted seafood balls can highlight the flavor these are available in the leading supermarkets, more vegetables like corn, mushroom, asparagus, spring onions and eggs.

Seafoods like prawn, squid, fish fillet, or clams are good shabu shabu combinations too. Just be resourceful by searching the net, and you can learn a lot from good cooks all over the world.

© 2012 Maria Cecilia


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi healthy meals, you have a choice to make your shabu shabu healthier, and yet kids will love it... thanks for visiting...

    • healthy meals profile image

      healthy meals 5 years ago from Europe

      Never heard of shabu shabu but now that I have I want to try it. Why? because it sounds like a very versatile dish where you can add all your favourite "bits" and because I liked the family/friends photos sharing a nice moment around a bowl of soup. I also think that this is an idea that would appeal to children and encourage them to eat more vegetables.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Kitty the dreamer, yes I did have a good time, everything that concerns good food is always the happiest time for me LOL.. thanks for visiting.... wish to ask about dream interpretation again soon

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

      Maria - This looks really yummy and it looks like you had a great time! Voted up and useful.