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How healthy breakfast plays an important role in daily life?

Updated on March 24, 2016

All about Healthy stuffs

Did you have your breakfast today? Remember, breakfast plays an important meal of the day. Never skip your breakfast we all do eat the same breakfast every day. We tend to eat pastries, Sugar coated earls or eggs, but in the society where we find obesity rampant, it makes us to re-examine our eating habits. Remember what you choose to eat as your breakfast makes great difference in health. Here are five healthy breakfasts that brightens your day.

What is there in Idlis?

Idli a common south Indian dish without oil. Do you know one idli contains 65 calories indeed low in fat, easily digestible and a great source of carbohydrates and proteins?

Calories: 137, Fat: 0.5g Carbs: 25g, Protein: 7.6g

Oats Meals

Add your favourite nuts and fruits with a steaming bowl of freshed cooked oats meal. Do you know this is the perfect way to start your day? It is well known meal to prevent heart disease or diabetes. A very good source of manganese and selenium and it gives you strength to carry out your morning schedule. In addition it is good source of dietary fibre, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous.

Calories: 150, Fat: 2.5g Carbs: 27g, Protein: 6g

Boiled Eggs

One of the simplest, healthiest and easiest to prepare dish which is not only a great source of protein, selenium and riboflavin but also lets you to stay longer and helps you in managing your weight. Well if you are weight conscious person try making an omelette by adding some vegetables, a slice of wheat toast, a slice of cheese, salt, turmeric (a pinch) and pepper for a healthy Indian Breakfast. It is better to check your cholesterol level if it sounds high then it is better to stay away from yolk.

Calories: 77, Fat: 5.28g, Carbs: 0.56g, Protein: 6.26g

Whole Wheat bread Sandwich

A well-known recipe for vegetarians, add some vegetables like tomato, onion, low fat paneer and cucumber and there you are ready to go. You may add pepper and a pinch of salt for taste. For non-vegetarians, add some boiled boneless chicken, mustard sauce or mayonnaise. It contains vitamins B and E and a wide range of minerals. White bread contains minerals but less fiber.Whole wheat is good source of dietary fibre, manganese and magnesium.

Calories: 70, Fat: 1.0g, Carbs: 12.0g, Protein: 3.0g


Add some chopped bananas and apple in a bowl and a healthy breakfast is ready in no time. Curd is a delicious and highly nutritious breakfast which helps to improve your digestive system and strengthen your immune system.

Calories: 98, Fat: 4.3g, Carbs: 3.4g, Protein: 11g

Spicy fish fry

5 stars for Spicy Fishy fry

Facts about Dinner

A Traditional festival dinner that can add up to 4000 calories.Eventhough food is the main focus in this festive season that is Christmas and New Year, it’s important to add wholesomeness to these festive feasts.

Many of the food traditionally associated with this festive season are considered to be nutritious and here are some new ways to prepare them.

Turkey/Chicken: Turkey or Chicken which can be included as good source of protein compared to other items such as meats.Besure that you cook them with less salt and fat. Just stuff them with vegetables and grill them.

Mashed Potatoes: Keep the skins on. They are high source of potassium and fiber.Wash well and cook them without peeling the outer skin.

Stuffing: For a change switch from white to Whole wheat bread to get the benefit of whole grains. Just add fresh herbs aromatic vegetables such as carrots, onions and celery or just try brown basmati rice which is high source of can be made delicious with mixed dried fruits, uts and various vegetables.

Green Peas:

Keep the beans cooked and skip the cream. Just try green vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts or broccoli. Just steam them and sprinkle lemon on the top.

Wholesome Salads:

When used as appetisers, with salads from roasted beetroot salads. Include fresh vegetables with nuts and dried fruits. Dress them with lemon or just sprinkle salt – pepper, without adding heavy high fat salad dressing.

Squash and Pumpkins:

Cut them in to cubes and sprinkle some small amount of olive oil and some fresh hearbs.Roast the edges and add carrots too.

Red fruits:

Red is the colour of the festive season. Include watermelons, pomegranates, cranberries, strawberries and plums. Use this as desserts to enjoy and the nutritious benefits.

Gravy vs Fried:

Try chicken or meat gravy then fried. Gravy would include juices which cuts unnecessary calories to fried meats.

Reasonable Portions:

Remember to eat less and balance your diet avoid over eating in this festive eve with adequate activity.

Which one will you choose as your healthy breakfast

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    • zaton profile image


      3 years ago from California

      Yep; I agree with the above on healthy breakfast foods to start out your day with energy and zest. I try to have some green tea with honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Maybe toss in some Greek yogurt while I'm at it.


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