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Healthy Burger For Your Kids

Updated on November 7, 2017



We Know That Our Kids Love Junk Food

We all know that our kids love junk food, like hot dog, french fries and burger from the take away fast food restaurants. I do make restrictions on my kids in consuming those kind of food. Once they make a habit of it, they will no longer eat other healthy food. They refuse then to eat the good and healthy food that I prepare, as well being difficult whenever I take them to a good restaurant with a proper healthy and good food.

There are really a lot of parents that are not willing to struggle so they make their kids making their own choices of eating junk food. Yet children dont have a mature judgment, so they do need our help on this matter. Teaching them in making them understand how bad it is to have consume food that is contain high fat. They could get heart and blood vessel disease. They need to know that they need to eat enough nutrients and ingredients. For example, when your kids saw an advertisement of some cereals at the television that attract them and they ask you to get that cereal yet they are full of sugar, we should be able to explain and make them understand that they are bad for them and suggest that is better to get the cereal with honey, which is much more heathier. Thank God my kids love any kind of cereals with honey.

Homemade Burger

We know that when kids eat too much sugar they tend to be more hyper active, they will get fat cause of the excces sugar then being stored as fat, and could triger diabetes .

Yesterday out of the blue, while we were driving, my daughter said that she was craving for burger. I told her lets go and get the ingredient so we make them together. First she said, 'can't we just go to the fast food stahl nearby'. I said to her its better we make them so we know its healthy, we know what are inside the burger, beside it is fun to make them. after the second thought, she agreed and even excited of the idea. She even gave compliments how tasty it was. Also very proud that is was made by her.

Our success will be having our kids knowing what are the good food for them, they still can have their preference of food but they will have always preference of fresh food, fruits, vegetables and not french fries.


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