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Healthy Fast Food Menu Choices

Updated on March 15, 2011

Many fast food restaurants are incorporating healthy eating choices into their menus. A few short years ago, it was impossible to find healthy food items at most fast food chains. While fast food restaurants continue to carry jumbo burgers and fries, and many other tasty, high-calorie items, it's getting easier for those who want healthier choices to find selections that meet their needs.

Fortunately, many restaurants are responding to consumer demand and ever-increasing publicity about the link between good health and a proper diet by expanding their selections to include healthy choices. Some of the healthy choices you'll find at major fast food chains include:


As the name implies, Chick-fil-A's menu centers around chicken. The restaurant does not use any type of formed chicken, instead using only whole chicken breast meat for all chicken selections. The company's fried chicken is cooked in peanut oil, which is naturally free of trans fats.

The most healthy menu choices include: chargrilled chicken sandwiches, green salads, chicken soup, carrot salad, fresh fruit, and low fat ice cream.

Click here to see complete nutritional information about the Chick-fil-A menu.


Once considered the worst offender when it comes to fat and calorie-laden foods, McDonald's has been working hard to improve it's image by adding healthy selections to its menu.

Healthy selections include: side salads, a variety of main dish salads, breakfast wraps, grilled chicken sandwiches, fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, and low fat ice cream.

You can find complete nutritional information about McDonald's menu items here.


This fast food restaurant has offered baked potatoes and salads for years. They were among the first fast food outlets to allow customers to choose a side dish other than French fries as part of a combo meal.

Healthy menu items at Wendy's include: side salads, main dish salads, baked potatoes, yogurt, fresh fruit, deli-style Frescata sandwiches, and grilled chicken sandwiches.

Click here for nutrition information about the full Wendy's menu. You can even view a list of gluten-free selections available at the restaurant.


Subway has always offered low fat sandwiches, and does a great job conveying the diet-conscious benefits of eating subway through its well-known, long running "Jared" campaign.

As concerns about the relationship between carbohydrate consumption and weight loss became widespread, the chain responded by introducing wrap sandwiches. Subway also carries an assortment of fresh salads, soups, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Subway even carries Baked Lays potato chips.

For complete nutrition details about Subway's menu selections, see

Any Suggestions?

Do you have more ideas for healthy eating at fast food restaurants? Please share by posting in the comments section below!


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  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Salad's are really good to have and I love to have it anytime and learn many of its types.

  • profile image

    Susan Fortier 

    11 years ago

    In 1998, I started watching and studying all nutrition information on all products that I would cook and eat (fast food or at home).

    I was 170 pounds and stand 5'2". I now weigh 123 pounds.

    Subway has to be my number one restaurant for losing 60+ pounds. I studyed the nutrition information on everything and developed my own diet plan until it became second hand for me. I retrained my tastebuds to new choices.

    I would and still do eat the low fat varieties and everything high in fat I avoid completely (cheese, sour cream, mayo).

    It is now 2009 and I have kept the weight off for 11 years.

  • profile image

    low calorie diet plan 

    11 years ago

    thank you for this information

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    How aout Salad Works? although I would order my dressing for the salads on the side, they also serve whole grain rolls and some of the tastist panni I have ever had.


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