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Heat Resistan kitchen Handles Grips.

Updated on October 19, 2015
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I created different bags for many things.This ideas will entertain and motivate you to create new things. Other ideas are art and craft too.

Cotton kitchen Heat Resistance Handles.

Comfortable Grips To Pick Up Hot Grips.

After you finished your cooking. Turn off the stove.Wait a few minutes, and you need to use the easy seven layers handles. This handles will allow the hands to grab and secure the hands before you lift up the heavy hot pan's grips. After using the handless grips. Your life will be easier. Some cooking container gets too hot. Gloves are not enough. If you add this seven layers handles in your kitchen. It is comfortable and less painful.

Materials You Need To Make The Handle 's Grips.

List Of The Materials To Make The Handle's Grips.

1 Cotton Towel Fabric.

2 Pins.

3 Paper.

4 Ruler.

5 Pen.

6 Scissors.

7 Sewing's Machine.

8 The thread that matches the color of the fabric.

How To Make The Project.

Easy Way Of Doing Your Hand Made Handles.

First, you need to measure the paper of the desired length and width. My measurements are for large hands.

You need to cut the paper 6 by 4 inches.Then with the pen draw the line. The reason for the round line.It is to remember to sew the same line on the fabric during the sewing part.

When the paper is ready and cut. You need to secure the paper and the fabric. You are going to cut.You are going to secure the fabric and the paper with pins.

You need to have the sewing's machine ready with the needle. Remove the paper and proceed with the sewing of the fabric by creating a model like a vein stuff with the same material one inch of width. You need to sew it in the middle of the 4 inches of length.

You Need To Sew The Fabric Backwards.

Reason Of sewing The Material Backwards.

You want your project to be perfect without any scraps of tear fabric showing. You need to sew the 6 inches length of the fabric. Then you need to turn it inside out to see the beautiful print. After you do the turning of the fabric. You need to sew next to the mode that looks like a vein in the middle of the 4 by 6 inches already sewed. You need to stuff the small pockets with seven layers.

Stuffing Of The Handles.

The Stuffing.

The stuffing of the layers measurements is 3 by 3 inches of length. When you stuff the pockets. You need to make sure. They are flat places in the pockets. When you close and sew the pockets. You need to fold the corners inside. Then you sew twice to secure the layers. At the same time, you sew the corners round.

Sewing The Pockets.

Important Parts of The project.

You can push in the layers before you sew the pockets. If you try to sew all the layers inside. You needle will break. Do not get distracted because you can hammer your nail or your finger with the needle's screw when it goes up and down.

After the project is done. Press down and stretch all the layers of fabric inside the pockets. Then, you need to test them on a cold pan.

Enjoy Your Handles. .

I hope you enjoy your handmade handle's grips.The same way, I am enjoying my handles. I love cooking. Before I made my handles. I was getting burned with the hot grips.Now my cooking is pleasant and safe.

Finished Product.

How To Wash Your Handles.

If you wash the clothe's handles. Make sure you sewed the handles twice. Then you can wash then with the rest of your kitchen's clothes.If you are not sure. You need to wash the handles by hand. Have a lot of fun making the handle

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    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 3 years ago from Miami Florida

      Welcome to see and read this hub. I hope you learn the instructions on how to to this beautiful easy project to protect your precious hands.