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Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank 1 English Style Olde Ale

Updated on March 24, 2012
Heavy Seas Plank 1
Heavy Seas Plank 1 | Source

One of my favorite cities to visit is Baltimore. One, I have many good friends who live in the area and two, beer. There is a lot of good beer in Baltimore! One craft beer producer is Clipper City Brewing Co. You will find their Heavy Seas line at many fine stores that sell craft beer. The big, bold, small batch, beers they brew are identified as "Mutiny Fleet". Why are they called this? Evidently the Captain caught his crew covertly brewing small batches for the amusement of themselves and their crew mates, aaaaaaarggghhhh! Apparently some of the rogue brewers were forced to walk the plank as an example to all mutineers. The good brewers were simply shackled, and thrown in the brig to crank out more beer! So straight from the ship's stores we have Plank 1.

Heavy Seas in the glass
Heavy Seas in the glass | Source


Stats: Small Batch English Style Olde Ale, 8% ABV, 22 oz. bomber

Brewed with Yellow Poplar using a new way to add wood to the process letting the beer mature on the specially processed wood during secondary fermentation.

The pour creates a frothy light brown 2 finger head with fair lacing. The color is dark molasses about the same color as the bottle.

The aroma is nice. Nutty and malty with a hint of burning wood and brown sugar.



The mouth feel is medium with light carbonation. Nice starting sweetness with caramel and brown sugar. Warming alcohol balanced with light hops that finishes with a touch of bitterness. Very balanced. I can't quite put my finger on the poplar effect?

Iron Maiden Live After Death
Iron Maiden Live After Death | Source


Good beer! $7.99 here at your local Ohio port! If you're a pirate, you may feel the need to blast the store with cannon shot and just take the booty that is yours. Not recommended. That would be illegal in Ohio, just pull out your doubloons and pay for it. If you think this is bad for your pirate reputation, just say a couple of mean things to the clerk and tell him he is lucky you don't skewer him with your cutlass! Problem solved.

Musical Pairing- Iron Maiden "Live after Death" Track 6 - Rime of the Ancient Mariner

A classic! Listen to the nightmare of the sea! Water, Water, everywhere but not a drop to drink! If only someone would have remembered the casks of beer in the cargo hold! Once again, curse defeated, problem solved! At over 13 minutes long it's a good thing this beer comes in 22 ounce bottles! Also of interest, the more Plank 1 I drink the more Eddie and the pirate look alike! I wonder if they are related? Seriously, put Eddie's hair on the pirate and tell me they don't look alike!

Eddie | Source
The Pirate
The Pirate | Source

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If you have tasted this beer, can you identify the effects of the Yellow Poplar?

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    • Matthew Kirk profile image

      Matthew Kirk 5 years ago from Liverpool

      Each region has its own breweries and specialities, each completely local and not available nationwide. Interestingly its an industry that's suddenly re-surfaced in the past decade or so after 40 years or more of almost complete absence!

      No idea about the yellow poplar but I have heard of ale with it in I think!

    • Budman610 profile image

      Budman610 5 years ago from Ohio

      Matthew-I've been to England many times but never went to a beer fest! I guess at the time I was unaware there were ale fest there! @#$%^

      I have sampled many fine English brews in local pubs though! Not in your neck o' the woods though!

    • Budman610 profile image

      Budman610 5 years ago from Ohio

      I woud be interested to know if any of you other beer aficionados can identify the effects of the Yellow Poplar?

    • Matthew Kirk profile image

      Matthew Kirk 5 years ago from Liverpool

      Not nearly enough real ale blogs out there. Should come over to some of our beer festivals, they're unbelievable!