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Helsett farm Ice Cream - Just Heavenly

Updated on January 7, 2010

The Great Ice Cream Debate

 There are so many blogs and hub postings on the internet about ice cream and desserts which argue the case for one particular ice cream being better than all the rest, so I have decided to enter the debate.

Anyone who has looked at my hub about Cornwall (and if you haven't then shame on you, now go and look at it) will know that I have a passion for the county where I grew up.

Cornwall has long been considered the home of ice cream as well as cream teas, seafood, dairy farming and, well . . . just about anything to do with food (ever wondered why Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver et al are working out of Cornwall?)

Anyway, Cornwall has a certain 'reputation' for these things and I would like to emhance that reputation by adding a new contender for the title 'Best Ice Cream In The World'

Helsett Farm Ice Cream

This ice cream is descended from the Gods (and Godesses) of ice creams. It is organic, it comes in a vast range of flavours and is just simply adorable.

Let me tell you how adorable.

I now live in Warwickshire and I drive to Boscastle and back (a 500 mile round trip) Just to fetch Helsett Farm Ice Cream

Now, some people may consider that to be incredible devotion to the cause (and they would be right) BUT, I would never, ever consider such a trip unless it was really, really worth it.

Helsett farm Ice Cream IS worth it.

So . . . let the debate rage on.

Anyone out there ever dive further than 500 miles just for a tub of ice cream?

Take a look at their website:

Mmmmmmm delicious


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