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Herbal Frozen Delight

Updated on February 9, 2011

Herbal Delight?

How about Thai Basil ice cream? Or Kinchay Gelatin? Who knows, somebody in some food lab may be concocting something like this right at this moment. I've read an article about army lunch boxes packed with classy cuisines plus desserts that can last for 6 months. How do they taste? According to the author, delicious! In fact, it's so delicious they worry that soldiers might forget about the war and just enjoy their meals in their fox holes.

Herbal Sweets

So, why not an herbal frozen delight?

If they can make sweets from herbals, I think that's a big step to making an herbal frozen delight. Like a Muntingia Cream Scramble. Well, iced green tea is a good beginning, so why not green tea ice cream?

Mix It with Fruits

The idea is to mix herbs with fruits and make them into ice cream flavors. And then call it "Herbs and Fruits in Ice Cream." Why mix it with herbs when putting fruits in ice cream is good enough? Probably the idea of introducing something new? Being competitive in business, experts say, also means being able to introduce something new.

Of course, you have to be selective about what herb you mix your fruits with. Onions or garlic with fruits is, I think, a bad idea. But then again, who knows. With the kind of technology we have today, anything can come up and sell like crazy.

And since people mostly associate tropical fruits with herbals, why not introduce wild tropical fruits with traditional ones, like banana with Diospyros Blancoi and call it Crema de Banana Blancoi. Better yet, Banana Con Velvet Apple or Strawberry Mabolo.

I think Herbal Chocolate or Herbal Vanilla would do great. Because anyway, Vanilla is really derived from orchids, Vanilla Planifolia. Vanilla acts as an aphrodisiac and can help alleviate fevers, others say. And chocolate is from the cacao tree. As we have discussed elsewhere on Herba Linch, anything derived from plants is "herbal" in deep Asia. So why not start hyping up on herbal frozen delight products?

"Herb 'n Marshmallows"

If nuts and marshmallows mix in most desserts, then why not herb and marshmallows? Put the health goodness of, say, onion leaves in the sweet flavor of marshmallows. The idea is to add the health benefits of herbs into desserts and market the thing as a healthy dessert alternative. And anyway, marshmallows are extracts from the roots of the marshmallow plant, Althaea Officinalis, which is a sore throat remedy.

Moringa can also be mixed into the process of making marshmallows and come out with Moringamallows. The nutrition powerful Moringa is being mixed into the process of making nutritious noodles. So why not do the same with marshmallows? If you can put herbal benefits into ice cream desserts, health buffs and weight watchers are gonna fall for it.

The Goodness of Herbal Leaves and Roots in Ice Creams and Cakes

If there's a way to improvise on how herbs are presented, and not always as tea or herbal drinks, then it would improve its sales, too. Like, putting the health goodness of herbal leaves and roots in cakes and ice creams. There is the carrot and banana cake, so why not a Ginseng or Tongkat Ali cake or pastry? Or Kulakteng in mocca ice cream?

A long shot? Well, I won't be surprised to see these alternative desserts in the offing. Especially today when people are looking for alternative options that make their favorite unhealthy or "junk" food healthy. Have you sampled the "vegetable" junk food being sold today made of onions, garlic, and peas? I can see that coming up with ice creams and cakes is not far behind. It's just a matter of time.

But then again, there's no substitute to eating fresh herbs and getting their health goodness straight from their raw form.


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