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Herbs and chicken

Updated on January 22, 2015

Herbs best with chicken dishes

Herbs that will compliment the taste of chicken is rosemary , sage , thyme , lemon thyme , tarragon , chives , garlic and lavender . I personally use rosemary and garlic most of the time especially with roasted chicken dishes . For a subtle flavor , put a few lavender sprigs inside a chicken and cook as usual .Sage can be mixed with breadcrumbs and stuffed inside the chicken before putting it in the oven . a Combination of the above mentioned herbs can be used as well . The herbs you use in your chicken dishes depends on your own taste , I only give a few pointers as to the dishes used and loved by me and my family , use your own combination and start your own chicken herbal tradition today , you will not be sorry .

Cooked chicken

When cooking chicken , as a whole or as stew or curry , it must be seasoned to keep it from having a watery taste . Hardy herbs like thyme , sage or rosemary will do just well , depending on the taste you want . When making a curry you need herbs that go well with the savory taste of curry , I like using herbs like coriander , french tarragon or curry plant with chicken curries . Chicken stews need thyme as seasoning but you can combine it with other herbs of your own taste . Sometimes I just put chicken pieces in a pot with potatoes and vegetables . The herbs I use then are tarragon , garlic and chives . You as cook or chef , just need to take care not to use too much herbs as it will surely spoil the taste of your dish , just enough of the right herbs will let your dish burst with flavor and aroma and you will rake in the compliments.

Roast chicken

Roasted chicken
Roasted chicken | Source

Roasted chicken

My family favorite is definitely roast chicken with herbs , my family always ask for roast chicken on special occasions . I normally use rosemary induced olive oil to sprinkle on the ( preferably whole) chicken and put a wedge or two lemon inside the chicken . I put the chicken in the oven and roast till almost ready . Then I chop some rosemary , lemon thyme and sage very fine , mix it with ground black pepper and salt and rub it into the chicken after dripping it again with the rosemary oil . Now back to the oven for fifteen minutes at most , watch not to burn the herbs . This is my most trusted and loved recipe for making roast chicken for the family . I feel that lemon and rosemary is the perfect combination for a roasted chicken , you may differ from me but feel free to try your own combinations .

Smoked chicken

Smoked drumsticks with rosemary
Smoked drumsticks with rosemary | Source

Smoked chicken

Smoking your chicken is one of the best ways of cooking it so it will be tender and full of flavor . Smoking chicken is another one of my favorite things to do in the cooking department , done correctly it can be a burst of taste and very healthy as well .We use drumsticks when smoking our chicken as it wont take as long as a whole chicken or even breasts to cook through , you will need about an hour and a half of slow cooking . First we wash and then rub the drumsticks generously in with salt and black pepper and put it in the smoker preferably with oak chips . a Bunch of fresh rosemary twigs is placed on top of the drumsticks and the smoker is closed to begin the long smoking process . While grilling can do wonders for chicken, the smoker adds so much more especially with the right herbs added to the meat . The taste and aroma of the rosemary will compliment the drumsticks perfectly .


Chicken dishes is one of the most loved and popular dishes in South Africa , cooked in different ways by everyone . With the right herbs and spices the dish you make can be a taste adventure . Chicken dishes can be experimented with to find the exact herbs you need for your own tastes . Not everybody is the same and have different taste in food and herbs so it is essential not to follow others but do things you like yourself .


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