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Hey Andrew Zimmern Will the Food Come Up and Bite You?

Updated on March 23, 2011

Andrew Zimmern, World Renown Food Critic and Strange Food Expert

Andrew Zimmern has traveled the seven seas looking for new things to try.
Andrew Zimmern has traveled the seven seas looking for new things to try.
Here is Andrew at Appalachia holding what may be for lunch.
Here is Andrew at Appalachia holding what may be for lunch.
squirrel heads is considered a delicacy in the Snow Shoe Mountains of West Virginia. Doesn't this make your mouth water.
squirrel heads is considered a delicacy in the Snow Shoe Mountains of West Virginia. Doesn't this make your mouth water.

Andrew Zimmern is the host of Bizarre Foods, a very popular and eye opening program on the Travel Channel. He is best known as the food connoisseur who introduced many viewers to different cultures and outrageous cuisines. Andrew Zimmern began his career as an executive chef, and a lecturer for The New York School of Social Research, and has also worked as a consultant. He is credited for creating several restaurants in New York. He currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Rishia and his son, Noah.

Andrew Zimmern is probably best known for his rather strange taste in international cuisine. He is not shy when it comes to trying different approaches to fine dining. There does not seem to be a food item on this planet that Mr. Zimmern won’t try at least once with the exception of cannibalism. We all have to draw the line somewhere. On his program, Bizarre Foods Andrew has eaten parts of a bull or cow that most people won’t talk about, fish out of the fish market that look like something the cat drug in.

When he went on tour to Chile he sampled some of the many different seafood delicacies such as:barnacles, mussels, congrejo, oysters, seaweed and abalone. Soon after, Andrew is seen on a ranch in Fondo Callanco, a town a few hours away from Temuco, Chile. In this ranch when the bulls are castrated the insides of their scrotums are then cooked with oil, garlic, and chilies and served on hand made rolls. These scrotsas were sautéed with onions, wine and tomatoes and there you have what Zimmern calls “sac-stew.” Yum, aren’t you salivating already?

Chile was just one of Zimmern’s many adventures. Zimmern has traveled across the seven continents looking for interesting things to eat. I’m just waiting for the show to air where something decides to just jump of the plate and give our host a hearty surprise. Hope, your reflexes are up to speed, Mr. Zimmern, because you never know.

Another favorite episode of mine is when Andrew visited the exotic city of Beijing. Get a load of some of the food Mr. Zimmern got to sample here. He got to try such delicacies as: simmering beef balls, hand rolled fungus, roast pork pancakes, grilled squid skewers, and sea urchins on the half shell. These tasty morsels are just the beginning, they had eating contest and Andrew truly held his own in this strange and wonderful place. That doesn’t mean that there are things that Andrew will not eat. On one program, I don’t remember the destination but he ate a piece of fruit that was considered a delicacy by most of the locals. He spit the fruit out the moment he tasted it and said it tasted like feet. I hope he’s never tasted feet. That was one of the only times that I have witnessed Andrew to not like a food type.

Andrew’s eating adventures have taken him to many places. In Vietnam he got to eat a seven course snake meal. Mr. Zimmern went to the Snake Festival there and had Cobra, snake spring rolls, and sautéed snake with chilies and lemon grass. He then went out to the streets of Vietnam where he found venders selling such items as: roasted sparrows, snails, and patty crab pounding soup. This was one of Andrew Zimmern’s most memorable trips. I guess, the stranger the food, the more Andrew likes it.

Andrew knows that one man’s poison is another man’s delicacy. So if you want to explore some fascinating destinations, learn about the some interesting cultures and experience some very curious cuisine watch Bizarre Foods, with host Andrew Zimmern on the travel Channel. You can find the schedule for this program on the following site. Here is the link for your convenience: Have fun and bon appetite.


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