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How To Make: DIY Holiday Spiced Nutmeg Pancakes

Updated on April 5, 2015

Holiday Spice Nutmeg Pancakes

Holiday Spice Nutmeg Pancakes

These pancakes happen to be one of my wife's favorites. A happy event to be sure, but this means I have made this dish for many, many moons. Over the years, to add a little " spice " to the relationship I put in a little...bite. These pancakes are charming, in their simplicity, comforting in their familiarity. Unassuming in all ways based on their appearance...but to believe these delectable little cakes anything less than mind bending, would be just plain foolish.

To start with you are going to need the following...


x1 Large flat pan or skillet

x1 large measuring cup ( more for the pouring spout than anything )

x1 spatula

Food Items:

x1 box of pancake mix

x1 jug of milk

x1 bottle of nutmeg

x1 bottle of cinnamon

x1 bottle of dried hazelnut ( optional )

x1 container of powdered sugar ( to top )

x1 bottle of maple syrup ( I suggest all natural organic, the difference in depth of flavor is indescribable.)


Ok so you have all your ingredients out and your ready to go, lets start by taking and tossing a good bit of pancake mix in the measuring bowl, I find the perfect amount for the wife and myself is about 3/4 to 1 cup. Now take your milk and mix it in slowly until you're left with a semi thick batter. ( Thick enough so that when you lift your mixing spoon the batter slowly runs down it.) Once you have mix in your milk take some maple syrup and drizzle in while stirring until your batter turns light brown.

At this point your batter is ready to be " spiced up" because lets face it, we've all had the same old pancakes day in and day out, its always the same pancake...or is it? Take your spices and measure out roughly 2 teaspoons of them all. I find this to be the universal amount to please most people, you can adjust this as you see fit to suit your tastes...or your wife's. Mix your spices in completely but make sure not to break up all the " lumps " in your pancake batter, this is a mistake, if not for your so called " lumps " your pancakes come out thin and lifeless, limp with no real excitement to them.

Take your pan and toss in about 2 tablespoon of butter to give the bottom of the pan a good coating and the pancakes that delicious buttery flavor. Set your stove top to 4 or 5, just below half power. Once the butter melts, but before it browns, pour in your batter to a size of your choosing ( Smaller is easier to cook and flip I promise.) It should only take about 5-7 minutes on the first side and 2-4 on the other. The simplest way to tell when to make your first flip is to watch for the " Bog Bubbles " as I call them, but I was a " Labyrinth' raised child so for those of you who were deprived of this joy, I mean when 3/4 of your pancake on the face up side is covered in little bubble and holes. Flip the pancake and give it the before mentioned count of 2-4 and spirit it away to a metal tray that you can load into your oven to keep warm if you intend to make several more pancakes, if not toss those beauties right on a plate, top with powdered sugar, a slice of butter, and your choice of fruity goodness.

A word of caution to this recipe, those who have tasted of the pantheon of pancakes, the pinnacle of pan cooked breakfast delicacies. Once you put these lovelies past your lips, you will never be able to be with another pancake again.

Breakfast is served.


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