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4 Home Made Summer Treats Children Will Love

Updated on February 25, 2014
Summer will be here before you know it
Summer will be here before you know it | Source

Summer is sometimes thought of as a child's favourite season. School is out and there is more time for fun in the sun and late night parties. Of course, one of the additional great things about summer is the emergence of our favourite frozen treats that we missed throughout the colder seasons. While it is easier to go out an purchase our favourite cool sweets, why not try your hand at making unique and tastier treats that are sure to be a hit at any child's summer party you go to? Also, these recipes are easy to make and fun for children to help you out with as it involves some of their favourite sweet treats and candies!

Below, you will find 4 recipes that take literally minutes to do and include:

  • Gummy Bear Popsicles
  • Rainbow Ice Drinks
  • Non-Alcoholic Layered Drinks
  • Nutella Popsicles

Gummy Bear Popsicles
Gummy Bear Popsicles | Source
For a healthier alternative, use fresh fruit instead of gummy bears
For a healthier alternative, use fresh fruit instead of gummy bears | Source

Gummy Bear / Fresh Fruit Popsicles

These popsicles are sure to be a unique hit at any children's party or just as a fun experiment to try on a rainy day. On the plus side, they are extremely easy to make and will only take you a few minutes to complete.


All that you need for this cool summer treat are a packet of Gummy Bears ( or any other similar candy such as Sour Patch Kids ) and a clear soda such as 7-Up or Sprite. Fill your popsicle mould 3/4 of the way with Gummy Bears and then add in your clear soda. Leave at least 1/2'' of space for expansion and let them chill overnight.

Healthier Option

For those who are not keen on the idea of using candy as their filling, why not try an assortment of fruit? Cut the fruits of your choice into small cubes and fill your mould 3/4 of the way. Add in either white grape juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice or even water and leave 1/2'' of space for expansion. Chill them overnight and enjoy your fresh fruit popsicles the next day!

Rainbow Ice Drink
Rainbow Ice Drink | Source
Alternatively, you can use fresh fruit instead of artificial sweeteners or dye
Alternatively, you can use fresh fruit instead of artificial sweeteners or dye | Source

Rainbow Ice Drinks

How amazing do these rainbow drinks look? What child wouldn't want their drink to be rainbow coloured? These would be excellent for a summer party that you are hosting at home or a clever idea to share with friends.


What you will need is an ice tray and food colouring that matches the colour of a rainbow. Alternatively, you could use different coloured Kool-Aid mixes if food colouring is not available. Fill your ice tray with water and mix in the food colouring or Kool-Aid until the water changes colour. Freeze these overnight and then add them to your favourite clear coloured beverage ( again, a clear soda works best )! One great thing about Kool Aid is that the flavours from the mixes will seep into your drink as the ice melts so you will get a range of different flavours!

Healthier Option

If Kool-Aid and food colouring are not your thing then you can once again replace these with fruit. Cut fruits into small cubes and freeze overnight in your ice tray with water.

Red - Strawberries

Yellow - Lemons

Orange - Apricots

Green - Kiwi or Limes

Blue - Blueberries

Purple - Elderberry

Yellow, Red, and Blue layered drink
Yellow, Red, and Blue layered drink | Source

Non Alcoholic Layered Drinks

Layered drinks are often seen in bars, clubs or pubs and contain amounts of alcohol. Naturally, children will want to join in on the fun when they see adults sipping on colourful drinks. Luckily, layered drinks can also be made without the use of alcohol, so children can have their own version without having to ask the age old question "Mommy, can I have some?"

Important Rule For Making Layered Drinks

Layered drinks can be made with any beverage with a sugar content. Whichever beverages you choose must have different amounts of sugar in them. For example: Jones Strawberry Lime Soda ( 48g sugar ) and Gatorade G2 Tropical Blend ( 7g sugar ) will make a nice red and green drink ( that might remind you of Christmas ).


The beverage with the highest amount of sugar in it is poured first. After adding in the first drink, fill up the remaining pitcher / glass with ice. Grab your next drink and slowly pour it in over the ice. Continue doing this until you have used all of your colours. Use different combinations of colours to make truly unique drinks that are sure to match any occasion.

This video further explains how to make a layered drink including a tutorial on a patriotic Fourth of July drink or any other combination.

Delicious Nutella Popsicle
Delicious Nutella Popsicle | Source

Nutella Popsicles

Good old Nutella. How I absolutely love this delicious spread and I know that I'm not the only one! So what if I told you that you can use your favourite toast topping as a cool treat during a hot summer day? I'm mad at the fact that I never got to try this amazing treat when I was a child!


All that you need for this recipe is delicious Nutella and milk.

Pour 1 cup of milk and 1/3 cup of Nutella into a blender and blend until both ingredients are mixed well. If you do not have a blender, then using a mixer with beaters is fine. If you wish to, at this time you can also add in sprinkles. Once everything is thoroughly mixed, slowly pour the mixture into your popsicle moulds. To make this easier, you may want to first pour your mixture into a measuring cup first and then pour it into your moulds to avoid making a mess. Leave off about 1/4 of an inch at the top for expansion purposes. Freeze these overnight and serve.

Tip: try not to eat them all in one day. I know it's hard but attempt to save some for the next day!

If you prefer your Nutella popsicles to have a more creamier taste to them, then follow this great recipe that calls for condensed milk!


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