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Home Made Mayonnaise

Updated on January 25, 2010

Making foods from fresh products embodies the principle of simple good taste

Viola you just made your own mayonnaise.
Viola you just made your own mayonnaise.

Texture is elusive it is the secret weapon of top chefs around the world who aren't simply creating dishes that are technically brilliant and tasty. It is the a


Home made mayonnaise is strangely shrouded in mystique, akin to witchcraft. Italians really really took pride in their skills to make mayonnaise for decades, they were the one's

 who learnt that they don't have to whisk in the oil in a clockwise direction to avoid it spitting. Mayonnaise is really a cinch to make, requiring no more than a few minutes gentle exertion of a whisk. There is just one trick of the trade and that is to include a spoonful of Dijon mustard in with the egg yolk at the very beginning as well as stabilizing the process, it adds a welcome savor.

This classic mayonnaise for serving with cold crab, lobster, langoustines, and poached fish, such as salmon and turbot, as well as vegetables and potatoes. Its delicacy relies on the use of peanut oil, which ensures a mayonnaise that creamy and light in texture. Extra virgin olive oil is far to bold for a plain mayonnaise and best saved for aioli. even then it calls for a judicious hand.

To make this tasty mayonnaise ;

1 medium egg yolk at room temperature

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

  pinch of fine sea salt

1 cup of peanut oil ( approximately )

squeeze of lemon juice

Place the egg yolk in a bowl with the mustard and salt whisk to a blend. Now add a dribble of oil and whisk it in, then another and another until the sauce thickens.

You can now start to add the oil in bolder streams, whisking with each addition. By the end, the mayonnaise should be so thick it clings to the whisk and sits in mounds in the bowl. Sharpen it with a squeeze of lemon juice. Cover and chill until required. It should keep well for several days. If by any misfortune it breaks employ the rescue remedy.

Rescue Remedy

If the mayonnaise does break, whisk another egg yolk in a clean bowl and gradually whisk in the curdled mayonnaise.


Lower at mayonnaise

Add an additional pinch of salt when you start making the mayonnaise, and an additional squeeze of lemon juice at the end. Finally fold 1/2 cup of plain yogurt in to the prepared sauce.

If you really love the great taste of mayonnaise you should try this recipe if you do you will never buy store brought mayonnaise again.

The handicapped chef Carlton Haynes is owner of Triple H Catering and Consulting Service and Daddy Guster Smoke House B.B.Q for more information e-mail us at .

if you try this recipe for mayonnaise you will never by store brought again.

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    • bushraismail profile image

      bushraismail 6 years ago from ASIA

      Thank you for this recipe..what about olive oil instead of peanut oil?