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Homebrew Supplies

Updated on August 20, 2010

Homebrew Supplies and what you will need to start making your own homebrew the basic supplies needed are very easy to purchase to making your own homebrew, this is a general over view of the main ingredients needed , you can easily get these supplies from your local homebrewing supply outlet or do a search online to find a homebrew supply store near you. I myself have made the odd mistake in making home brew in the past, i guess i never had the patience during that waiting period but like all fine brew the longer it's left the better it is, so in this case patience is a virtue when it comes to making homebrew.

Malt Syrup:

They say malt syrup is one of natures most natural sweetening agents and one can have a wide variety of malts to choose from, the brew is made by a malting process that mixes the barley and grains together, during this period the grains will start to produce maltose a natural and unique type of sugar that is created. In the making of beer, barley malt is crucial to this, the malting process creates a very high concentration of enzymes which then converts starches into sugar, it is very fascinating to find that these natural ingredients combined together can create such a brew.


Yeast as we all know is in all brands of beer it is responsible for the fermentation in the brewing process of all forms of beer, there are many varieties and types of yeast it's primary purpose is to metabolize the sugars that is extracted from the grains which in turn produces alcohol and carbon dioxide and finally turns the wort into beer, as well as fermenting the beer yeast also plays a big part in the flavor and taste of the beer.


In actual fact hops are merely flowers that grow on the hop plant itself, and are widely and commonly used as a flavoring agent to give the brew a distinctive taste, and is also important to stabilize the beer. It provides a bitter taste but how ever this is a important part of the process in order to balance the sweetness of the barley malt and apparently to prevent any growth of harmful organisms that may appear so it too, plays a important part of brewing beer.

Brewing Additives:

You can add additives such Apricot Fruit Extract, Ascorbic Acid, practically any vegetables or fruit you like , i once used potato peels , cabbage leaves and various other veggies, the taste wasn't all that but the effect was still the same, you may also want to use such things as, Belgian Candi Sugar clear or dark, or a little Soda Extract, basically any types of fruit or veggies will do the trick just to give it that taste, don't go over doing this part just a natural sweetener from fruits well do, add as much or less depending on the amount of beer you are brewing.

Cap It:

Once you have your finished product gather some glass bottles make sure to sterilize them before using and cap it up and wala! you now have finished making your very own homebrew , this should be a time of celebration. But patience is a virtue as they say and in this case that saying stands true, so don't go sculling anything until at least a few weeks time just to give it that time to ferment then you can celebrate till the cows come home, as long as you have the proper homebrewing supplies there's no limit to the type of  concoction you can create.

Homebrewing With Honey


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