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Homemade Caramel Apples

Updated on October 29, 2011

For this yummy seasonal treat (which is great fun for kids to help make, and eat!) You will need:


  • Aprox 10-12 eating apples.
  • 2 Tins of condensed milk.
  • Candy sprinkles.
  • Lollipop sticks.
  • A Large Pan.


Make these the day before you need them, this will give the caramel time to set.
Put the two tins of condensed milk (unopened) in a pan and fill with cold water, place on the hob and bring to the boil. Then turn down to a medium heat, cover and simmer for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
Don't let the pan boil dry.

While the caramel is cooking, twist and pull the stalks out of the apples and insert the lollipop sticks, it may be easier to break the skin with a knife first, but not too deep as this will stop the lollipops staying in.

After three hours, remove the pan from the heat and carefully take out the tins of condensed milk and leave for about half an hour to cool.
After the tins have cooled a bit (but not completely) Open them and empty (what should now be caramel) into a bowl and stir.

Prepare a oven tray by covering it with foil and put next to the bowl of caramel, and put the sprinkles in a bowl too.
Take an apple (hold it by the lollipop stick) and roll it in the caramel, covering it completely. Next hold the covered apple over the bowl of sprinkles, and with your other hand pick up some sprinkles and sprinkle over the apple, turning as you do to cover the apple completely. Set down onto the foiled tray and repeat until all your apples are covered or you run out of caramel.

Now put your tray of apples in the fridge and leave to set overnight. Depending on what your making them for you may then want to wrap each one in cellophane and tie with a little bit of ribbon, this would make great little gifts of be perfect for trick or treater's.
Or if like me your serving them as a party snack them just transfer them to a serving platter and...

Enjoy! x


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    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 6 years ago from Nebraska

      Yummy! Your direction are well written and easy to follow. The pictures really add a lot. Well done.