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Homemade Kit Kat Bar Recipe

Updated on August 2, 2012
Finished Kit Kat Bar
Finished Kit Kat Bar | Source
3 stars from 4 ratings of Kit Kat Bar

With its crispity crunchity layers and milk chocolate coating everyone knows the Kit Kat bar. This sweet dessert mimics the look and taste of the infamous Kit Kat candy bar. With bigger portions and new flavor twists.

History of the Kit Kat candy bar:

Originally created in York, England, by the Nestlé company, the Kit Kat bar is a chocolate covered wafer candy. It is produced under the trademark Nestlé in twenty-two countries, however in the United States it is licensed under the Hershey company.

Traditionally the Kit Kat bar had four sections within one bar that could be broken off and ate individually. However today you can find them in various sizes, for example in Japan they make a Kit Kat Petit with sections that are only half the size or the original.

They still come in four sections and are easily broken into sections today, but they also come in a variety of variations from flavors to ice cream.

Whether you have never had a Kit Kat bar or simply haven't had one in years, this recipe is a great homemade rendition of this famous candy bar.

Cook Time

Prep time: 1 hour 10 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 1 hour 20 min
Yields: 13 X 9 Pan


  • 1 box Club Crackers
  • 2 sticks Butter
  • 2 cups Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • 1 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1/3 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 2/3 cups Peanut Butter
  • 1/2 cup Semisweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1/2 cup Butterscotch Chips
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Most of my ingredients. Ready to start.First layer of crackersButter and sugar mixtureButter mixture over crackersAnother cracker layerChocolate layer and Kit Kat bars ready for the fridge.
Most of my ingredients. Ready to start.
Most of my ingredients. Ready to start. | Source
First layer of crackers
First layer of crackers | Source
Butter and sugar mixture
Butter and sugar mixture | Source
Butter mixture over crackers
Butter mixture over crackers | Source
Another cracker layer
Another cracker layer | Source
Chocolate layer and Kit Kat bars ready for the fridge.
Chocolate layer and Kit Kat bars ready for the fridge. | Source


  1. Layer a 13 X 9 inch pan with club crackers (you may need to cut some crackers in half to completely cover the bottom).
  2. In a saucepan melt butter over medium heat. Once melted add graham cracker crumbs, both sugars, and the milk.
  3. Boil mixture for 5 minutes stirring the entire time. Remove from heat and pour half the mixture over the crackers at the bottom of the pan.
  4. Add another layer of crackers over the butter mixture and pour the rest of the mixture over the crackers. Add a final layer of crackers.
  5. Melt together the peanut butter, butterscotch, and chocolate chips.
  6. Spread melted mixture over the crackers and let chill for at least an hour. Cut into bars, and store in refrigerator.

Of all the classic candy bars Kit Kats have been a popular favorite in my house. This recipe brings out the child in my family and is the perfect dessert for those with a very big sweet tooth like my dad or fiance.

For those that do not have a big sweet tooth, this dessert may be too sweet. With layers of sugary buttery graham crackers, this kit kat bar recipe is full of sweet and delicious goodness.

With an added twist of peanut butter flavor these little bars are not only sweet and delicious, but are bigger and better than the real thing. For those who love the Kit Kat candy bar this dessert is a must try.


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    • Shesabutterfly profile image

      Cholee Clay 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      coolconnections-I hope you guys enjoy them. You can't go wrong with kit kats, in my personal opinion:)

    • coolenconnections profile image

      Suzanne Coolen 5 years ago from Toronto

      Cool recipe! Thank you :) I have to make a dessert for a party next week and this is sure to be a hit!!

    • Shesabutterfly profile image

      Cholee Clay 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thanks for picking up on those mistakes Clive! I will definitely make those changes now.

    • Clive Donegal profile image

      Clive Donegal 5 years ago from En Route

      Very nice and clear. I'd suggest changing "it's" to its in the first paragraph (possessive, not contraction, and changing "Original" to "Originally" created in York. Also you mkight insert commas after "England" and "company." To protect yourself, you might also add the accent over the final e in "Nestle" and note that it is a trademark.

    • Shesabutterfly profile image

      Cholee Clay 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thanks caramellatte! I completely agree anything with chocolate and peanut butter are great.

      dappledesigns--Hope you enjoy them. They are super sweet, but oh so good:)

    • dappledesigns profile image

      dappledesigns 5 years ago from In Limbo between New England and the Midwest

      I love kitkats! and oddly enough this is the first time I have ever seen a recipe for them. I need to make these immediately. yum!

    • caramellatte profile image

      caramellatte 5 years ago

      Cool hub! I like Kit Kat bars. Chocolate and peanut butter are it for me.:)

    • Shesabutterfly profile image

      Cholee Clay 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Hope you enjoy them Maddie! They are a little different but personally I like them better, homemade desserts are always the best.

    • Maddie Ruud profile image

      Maddie Ruud 5 years ago from Oakland, CA

      I sometimes crave Kit Kat bars like there's no tomorrow, but I always prefer home-made desserts. Now I can have the best of both worlds, thanks to you!