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Hoosier Style Food Grade Stainless Reproduction Flour & Sugar Bins

Updated on October 2, 2012
Food Grade Reproduction Flour and Sugar Bins are made from Stainless.  Custom made to your size needs.
Food Grade Reproduction Flour and Sugar Bins are made from Stainless. Custom made to your size needs.

This site allows you to order custom Amish built food grade Stainless Flour and Sugar bins. They are a must have If you are restoring a Hoosier style cabinet t

Most reproduction metal bins are made of tin with soldered joints to replicate the original bins used in the original Hoosier style cabinets. However, you will find they are not recommended for actual food storage.

This is a problem for those planning to resume using the cabinets as part of a functioning kitchen. These types of metal bins were also once popular with custom built in kitchen cabinets.

As more people are seeking to bake with organic flours and natural ingredients they are discovering storing bulk flour and sugar to use in the old style flour bin with a built in sifter is also once again becoming popular.

Having a quick fill sugar bin is the next popular item to have conveniently over the baking prep area.

You can find several selling reproduction non-food flour and sugar bins for the Hoosier style cabinets, from $145 to $200. A custom built one up to 25” tall will cost $275 for either flour or sugar bin. This includes the sifter or sugar bin trap door.

The bins come standard with a tight fitting lid but can be upgraded to a latch down hatch top with a rubber seal, something that was not offered even on the original models.

Each bin is actually custom made per order allowing you size to your specifications. They generally take two-three weeks to build and ship.

You will need to e-mail a sketch with the measurements needed. Custom made products are not returnable so measure closely to make sure the bin(s) will fit your needs.

You can order these custom food grade bins at Cottage Craft Works .com


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