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Hoppin' Frog Wild Frog Wheat Ale: A solid American style Weizen beer

Updated on May 14, 2012

Wild Frog Wheat Ale

Wild Frog Wheat Ale
Wild Frog Wheat Ale | Source

Hoppin' Frog Brewery in Akron, Ohio produces great beers with an uncompromising focus on detail. Wild Frog Wheat Ale is a fine example of the fore thought that goes into their quality ingredients and brewing process. I'm not sure what makes WIld Frog wild but he does have kind of a crazy look in his eye! Maybe the wild equates to mad? As in Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria, who spent immense amounts of money building ornate palaces with secret grottos where he would be rowed around by servants while he talked to Wild Frogs about zymurgy. Okay, I made the last part up! Frogs can't talk. However, Bavaria is the home of Weihenstephan Brewery and that is reportedly where Hoppin' Frog gets the yeast used in this fine wheat ale!



As usual let's start with the specifications: 6.0% a/v 58 OG, 14 FG, 12 IBU

There are no specific ingredients listed on the bottle. It only says "Made from the finest ingredients to create a superb, flavorful beer of the highest quality. Like I mentioned before, the yeast is obtained from one of the oldest breweries in the world. It is cultured and maintained within the brewery's own system and stored at the local technical center's yeast bank. If you have consumed other Bavarian Weizens as I have, you will definitely recognize some of the unique characteristics it imparts on the Wild Frog!

Off with the top and into the glass! The aroma is spicy and clovey with very little alcohol smell. I really don't get much of the usual banana aroma? The pour presents a beautiful deep honey golden color with an off white foamy head that recedes quickly but leaves a little trail clinging to the sides of the glass. The mouth feel is a silky smooth medium body sensation.

The Pour

Deep golden goodness!
Deep golden goodness! | Source
Grain an important ingredient!
Grain an important ingredient! | Source


The first tip of the tongue taste is sweet like a light honey. A orange, citrusy middle is followed up by an overall malty sweetness. It ends with the honey once again coming through in the after taste. Overall it is a very balanced and smooth drinking beer.



This is a solid wheat beer that I could have seen myself drinking when I lived in Bavaria for three years. It's refreshing and would blend in just fine with the locals sitting on a patio looking out at the alps on a summer evening. I might serve this with a slice of orange to bring out the citrus, as the more I drank the more I tasted the underlying orange tones. This is a high quality beer that at $5.99 for a 22 ouncer here in Ohio is worth a taste if you like this style of brew!


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