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Hot Coffee vs Cold Coffee

Updated on January 3, 2011

The Caffeine Tempature Debate - So come on take the Poll Now

So come on take the Poll Now!! Coffee and the jolt it brings us - either Hot or Cold we say it is all good, but do you have a preference? So lets talk about COFFEE and the joy it brings to us regardless of the Temperature. So sit back grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a good read.

My love affair with Coffee

Oh Coffee Coffee why do I love thee... Duh cause it gives me the energy my body lacks. Truly coffee has become such a part of my life that I cannot seem to live without it. And all because I enjoy the extra zoom it provides me. How do you think I made so many lens on Squidoo people - because me and my coffee sit at my computer together.

Now I do like the taste too. It has grown on me over time to where now I actually enjoy the taste of the coffee, whereas years ago it was pretty much sugar with a bit of coffee. This year is the first year that I actually enjoyed Cold coffee. It started when it was hot out and my husband and I had yard work to do. So he drove to McDonald's and got me a hazelnut ice coffee. So I drank it - not too crazy about it at first until that huge coffee got the weeding done. Well from then on I was hooked. So everyday we got one, until my bank account got low. It was crazy buying this everyday - there is two of us who love it - it became like a $4+ a day habit. I guess that beats the hard drugs, but for me that was a bit pricey. So I started making it on my own at home. I just bought us each a big sippy cup with a built in straw from the dollar store (something makes it work better with a straw - like they say you get drunker faster if you drink threw one??) anyway I got the flavored creamer in hazelnut and added some ice - one teaspoon of sugar and WoW not only did I save lots of money - it tasted better than McDonald's and the yard got done in a jiff. I have a big yard folks - lots to do.

So in the debate Hot vs Cold - I can go either way really. Seems for me it is the weather that drives me. Like now that it is getting cooler out I am back to Hot coffee - my husband on the other hand is still only cold for now. So I make a big pot in the morning, take my hot cup and pour the rest into a pitcher to be get cold for when he is ready for his cup. And in the afternoon I may dip into it to get that afternoon rush before the kids get home from school.

The Debate

So some of you may be like me - it all depends on the weather. So with that aside which do you really enjoy. A nice Hot cup or a nice Cold cup.

Hot Coffee vs Cold Coffee

Well for me - wires me up so I can wake up in the morning and it is good in the afternoon so get me re-started. Did I say I love coffee? Ok ok it may not be the best thing for us, but so many things we eat are filled with bad things. I am not sure I could live without coffee.

Do you need Coffee to get you Started in the morning?

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What is Caffeine? If you care to know

from Wise geek

Chemically speaking, pure caffeine is a plant-based alkaloid which stimulates the central nervous system of any creature that ingests it. In nature, caffeine serves as a form of pest control for certain plants such as cacao trees, coffee shrubs, yuba mate and tea trees. The caffeine causes insects and other pests to collapse from the effects of over-stimulation.

Caffeine, also known as guaranine, mateine or theine depending on the source plant, is considered a psychoactive drug. However, it has not been designated a controlled substance, so its use in teas, coffees and sodas is not illegal. Coffee beans contain a significant amount of caffeine, while tea leaves and yuba mate plants contain less. Cocoa beans also contain caffeine, but they contain much higher levels of another alkaloid called theobromine.

When caffeine is removed from the source plant and reduced to its most natural state, it forms a white powder. This powdered form of caffeine is actually the scientific definition of bitter, which is why many beverages containing caffeine also contain copious amounts of sugar or other sweeteners. The caffeine contained in stimulant pills such as No-Doz is not diluted with sugar, so the pills can be very bitter indeed.

Caffeine may not be addictive in the classic sense, but the body does build up a tolerance over time. Some people find it difficult to function without at least one cup of strong coffee or tea in the morning. The stimulating effects of caffeine are caused by a central nervous reaction. The heart rate increases, blood vessels expand and the brain receives more oxygen. This effect can last up to an hour.

There is such a thing as caffeine withdrawal. Regular consumers of coffee or sodas may experience painful headaches if the body is denied caffeine. These headaches are caused by excess blood collecting in the area around the brain and sinus cavities. Without the stimulation provided by caffeine, the blood vessels shrink, restricting the flow of blood. The traditional cure for caffeine withdrawal is to ingest more caffeine. This is also why many headache medications contain small amounts of caffeine.

It would be very difficult to consume enough caffeine for a lethal overdose, although some deaths have been reported. One would have to drink several hundred cups of coffee or ingest at least 75 caffeine tablets to reach toxic levels, however. Taking several Vivarin or No-Doz stimulants to increase mental awareness should not be harmful in the long term, but there may be a sudden crash as the drug's effects wear off. So keep the all-night study sessions or long distance drives to a minimum if you don't want to experience the dark side of caffeine.

Wise Geek is a great place to get clear answers for common questions - check it out

My Coffee Maker of choice on Amazon

To have good coffee you must have a good coffee pot right? Well for me I like pots by Mr. Coffee. This is the pot I use and I really like it. I have tried others and I have gone back to this one. I like the features, the way it works and the look.

Disposable Filters vs Re-Useable Filters for your Coffee Maker

This is not too much of a debate, but really a matter of preference. For me I use both. I prefer disposable just because it is easier for me, but I go back and forth.

Re-Usable is just a washable filter you can use over and over again

Disposable you just use and toss in the garbage

Coffee Warmers on Amazon

My computer desk would not be complete with out my Coffee warmer sitting on top. When on my computer and I am enjoying a HOT cup of coffee - it sits on the warmer to keep it good and warm. I may be so involved making a lens I forget I have coffee, but I know when I get back to it - it is all warm. mmmm. This is also a great gift idea. It is your coffee's hot plate - just plug it in and it is ready to go - just make sure to shut it off when you leave.

I like Maxwell House coffee myself - I buy that over most unless I am feeling like I have extra cash one day and want to spend it on some fancy stuff, but that is rare. - the extra cash part.

What is your home coffee brewing brand of choice?

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Do you like to travel with your Coffee?

Sometimes I am in a rush and need to take my coffee to go and want to save money on stopping places to get that jolt. So if time allows I will make coffee to go. So a good thermal cup is needed to bring along - keeps it good HOT or COLD depending on your wants. Yum - coffee coffee coffee.........

Traveling Coffee Mugs on Amazon

The mugs now come in so many cool styles. These make great gift ideas to friends and loved ones too!!!

Sometimes you just have to stop and get coffee while you are out - it is that need for COFFEE

Sometimes you just have to stop and get coffee while you are out - it is that need for COFFEE
Sometimes you just have to stop and get coffee while you are out - it is that need for COFFEE

Where I like to get Coffee while I am out and about - if you care that is...

Ok so if I do not have coffee with me while I am out, probably because I was too lazy to make coffee due to not having the coffee to give me that jolt to make coffee. I will stop bite the bullet and buy some. I have some favorite places and these are my favs:

  • McDonalds - Hazelnut Ice Coffee - Large of course (although mine at home is better - I may have to give in)
  • Starbucks - Mocha Frap - mmmm Big Favorite of mine
  • Dairy Queen - Mocha Moolatte - extra cream on top - I do moo after this too!!!
  • Burger King - BK Joe - almost tastes juts like chocolate milk with a coffee kick

What is your favorite place to get a fix while out - I mean Coffee?

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Note to Self:

My cup is getting low and I must get a refill to finish this page. Where are waitresses when you need them. Must look into home coffee desk service - add to list.

Me and my daughter enjoying a HOT cup of Coffee - Bottoms Up!!

Me and my daughter enjoying a HOT cup of Coffee - Bottoms Up!!
Me and my daughter enjoying a HOT cup of Coffee - Bottoms Up!!

Don't be a bad coffee bean - leave us some feedback

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    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      Excellent lens. I learned a lots about coffee facts. Thanks for sharing:)

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      The best part of the day is starting off with a hot cup of coffee (but not if kitty has licked the cup). Lensrolling to my souvenir coffee mugs. Have a fun day! :)

    • VarietyWriter2 profile image

      VarietyWriter2 8 years ago

      Coffee...might as well call it crack. lol. I start of with a hot cup but when it gets cold it still tastes just as good to me.

    • MatCauthon profile image

      MatCauthon 9 years ago

      Great lens... I'm trying my first civet cat coffee. Got the beans last week now they're dried.

    • triathlontraini1 profile image

      triathlontraini1 9 years ago

      Great job on your lens! FYI on one of the polls: "I grind my own from bbeans and feel all fancy like that" has 2 b's in beans. :)

    • SideSplitters profile image

      SideSplitters 9 years ago

      Great lens! I'm more of a cold coffee person most of the time, but hot is great if I have the time to sit down and enjoy it. When I order hot, I always wind up spilling it on the go!

    • profile image

      RockyMountainRed 9 years ago

      This is a great lens too - I love it! I'm trying to figure out how to add this as a featured lens on I'm still learning!

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 9 years ago

      Love that pic of the cat drinking Starbucks! Where did you find that? 5*****

    • Lou165 profile image

      Lou165 9 years ago from Australia

      Great lens, but like Octavia I need an option for wanting both hot and cold. I live in sunny Queensland, Australia so iced coffee is the way to go for half the year. However when I'm travelling or it's winter hot coffee warms my heart!

    • evelynsaenz1 profile image

      Evelyn Saenz 9 years ago from Royalton

      Fancy Nancy loves your lens so much that she is sending you virtual cup of coffee to hang on your wall.

    • profile image

      JasonE 9 years ago

      Very good lens! You've made me thirsty for a warm cup of java too!

    • ctavias0ffering1 profile image

      ctavias0ffering1 9 years ago

      Excellent lens but I need an option for liking both hot and cold ... I'm online so much that although I like it hot (especially with a shot of Baileys in it) I probably drink most of it cold LOL