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How To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Updated on August 9, 2014

Blood Pressure Issues

It is a pity that these days, babies are being diagnosis as having a blood pressure issue. How does this come about? One study related that stress brought by the parents significantly affect the baby while in the uterus. I do not have the time to go into all these here. My concern is mostly with adults who are constantly into one form of stress or another. Due to lack of right foods, drug abuse, rest, relaxation and exercise, they blood pressure continue to soar. Blood pressure medication can help here. I know my dad suffer from high blood pressure. He consulted his doctor and got help. A cup of warm black tea two or three times in the week with half cube of sugar was even recommended by his doctor. He was even told to reduce his intake of eggs to two in a week.

Look all around you. Can you find a person without a blood pressure? The answer is no. We are on the move and as such, our blood pressure can rise. Yes, that can be good but at extreme or minus level, no. You either had to stop and lie down. I do not say sit down. But lie down. How long you lie down 10, 15, 20,30, or 60 minutes is worth your effort. I do regularly take the dead man posture in my rest or relaxation routine. This can lower the blood pressure. It can even keep it normal.The moment you rise, it begins to shut up. A person without a blood pressure is literally a dead being. Hence, in relaxation and resting, the dead man posture can help lower blood pressure.

This brings us to the question of the right kind of foods apart from rest, exercise and relaxation.

Alkaline Food Class: Foods, vegetables, nuts, herbs, fruits and roots; and tubers that keep the blood stream alkaline are call alkaline food items.

  • All fruits, citrus fruits particularly lime and lemon is alkaline in the blood stream.
  • All green leafy vegetables when half cooked in their raw state.
  • Roots: ginger and garlics.
  • Spices: green pepper, green chili, fresh curry, onions.
  • Nuts: peanuts and grass nuts or tiger nuts; walnuts and cashew nuts.
  • Tubers: yam, potato, cocoyam with their skin.
  • Cereals: brown rice, bean, bread fruit, guinea corn and lenticel.

Food Item: Food classified into carbohydrates, fats and oils; and proteins, etc.

  1. Carbohydrates or carbs when cooked and eaten with their skin like potatoes, yams, fresh corn,has an alkaline effect. Devoured of their skin, they tend to form a highly acidic platform that brings in ill health such as, headache, diabetes mellitus, and thus, high blood pressure, unnecessary gain in weight with flabby body tissue that shows prominently well on the waistline, belly and check.
  • Yams, potatoes, cocoyam should never be peel. Just discard the outermost brittle layer. The fresh outer skin contained the mineral salts, vitamins, some fats and proteins plus trace elements. Doing away with all these leaves the carb or starch in an unbalanced state. It breeds disease and ill health in the human body.
  • Rice is another carbohydrate food group that is regularly eaten. Brown or unpolished rice is much better. It improves good health. Partially polished rice retained most of its natural nutrients.
  • Process wheat that has been turn into white flour, pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, is de-vitamin and de-mineral. Chemical additives and preservatives added. These are in the same class as white bread. Recently, some nutrition expert opinion that due to the chemical additives in these foods, they dare not eat even a bite of these products! Not even an instant meat roll or hot dog!
  • Those who advocates that the skin of any carb, fruits, roots should be discard completely because they are tough has yet to realize the place roughage or bulk plays in human digestion. That this helps food move from the intestine to the final place of rejection via the anus without drugs cannot be dispute.

2. Fats help maintain good body heat. Like carbs, some can cause more harm than can imagine.

  • Animal fats: Meat or beef is my best animal fat. I enjoy it like any other person. But do you know that I follow the best and strict medical advice? I limited my intake of beef to two times in the week. This is the maximum I submitted to. The most a doctor can recommend is three. Besides meat, I limit my intake of eggs to two per week. Certain weeks, I go without any meat and eggs. I know a neighbor who has not enough financial means. But when his finance improves, he took in a dozen of eggs per week. His consumption of red, fatty meat and steaks becomes uncontrollable. His health seems to improve. He got fat and fatter. Alas, the man died from high blood pressure.
  • Vegetables fats: Peanuts, breadfruit, bean, particularly brown soya bean are good sources. The fat in palm oil and kernels is acidic, nevertheless forms a useful item in diet and should be moderate in use. All nuts have fats.
  • Oils also provide body heat. But unlike animal fats, oils are liquid at room temperature and pressure especially when it is cold. Peanuts, bean and rice are good food synergy make ups. Potato, bean, fish and eggs are another. Taken with some fresh fruits, it made a balance meal.

3. Proteins: Our bodies are made up of protein so to speak. All bodily cells are protein. Take your finger-nail as an example. It is hard and brittle. Yet made up of protein. So is a single hair on your body or head. It is a very important food item for our body.

  • Animal protein: All animal protein like lean meat, poultry, milk and egg white is acid forming and essential. Good as it is, it has its limit and to this should we subscribe. An egg gives the protein requirement the body needs, including all the essential body building amino acids. Combine with vegetable protein like soya bean, or any bean and peanuts, makes a good food synergy. Add your favorite fruits, herbs and greens. Marine foods especially, fish are the only best source of animal protein. Sardines and mullets in particular contain the essential omega fatty acids. So are salmons. These wade off heart related disease and this in turn controls your blood pressure, and keeps your heart in good condition.
  • Birds like poultry and turkey are good sources of protein. These lack the essential fatty acid found in sardines and mullets. But they fat content is solid. Limit it to two or three times a week in diet.
  • Vegetable proteins.Bean, peanuts, corn, lenticel and bread fruit. Bean, peanut and bread fruit when combine can give you all the protein and essential amino acid your body need for good health. But as we are used to many animal products, thinking these make the body healthy, adding a glass of milk or fresh fish to these meal is okay.

4. Fruits: apples, mangoes, guavas, melons and cucumbers should be eaten with their skin. Oranges when peel, the small opening cut out to suck the juicy out, should be chew and swallow. It contains pectin, a sub part of the vitamin C group. While sucking an orange, I have eaten half the white skin as I suck. It made my body resistant to cold and catarrh.

5. Foliage or green leafy vegetables. These should be generously used.They provide plenty mineral salts and vitamins. Greens are rich in potash and calcium, and also provide the bulk for bowel movement.

Listen Your Blood Pressure Is Talking To You

Listen, your blood pressure is talking to you. 195 over 130 millimeters of mercury is high blood pressure reading. This can be follow by heart attack, stroke, or heart failure. These are common health related languages. They do not just happen. They are cause by lack of knowledge or outright ignorance; especially among the very knowledgeable persons.

Have you ever had your blood pressure checked by a practicing nurse or health worker? Your heart pumps blood into every parts of your body, via the arteries. This movement or force of the blood in the blood vessels is the blood pressure. Clinically, measurement is expressed in millimeters of mercury. Reading is done in two numbers, systolic (the higher) over diastolic (the lower) number. The first reading takes the pressure in your artery when the heart beats or the heart muscles contracts. The second reading is the pressure inside the artery between the heart beat that is, when the heart muscles is resting between beats and being refill with blood. Any blood pressure reading below 120 over 80 mm Hg for example, 100/75 seems normal. Between 100/80 to 120/80 is safe. Extremely below and above these levels calls for vital medical attention. Copy and past into your browser for a very simple and clear meaning of blood pressure.

Blood pressure can tell much about your state of health. I can relate some years ago when I went to see my doctor. The consulting nurse took my blood pressure first, and then computed my weight. This is in the spirit of best medical practice.

Some weeks ago, I had my blood pressure check by a nurse and it was okay. 120/80 mm of Hg. I weight 57.5kg. I regularly go and check my blood pressure? What about you?

What we eat affect our blood pressure to some degree more or less. Eating the right kind of foods or a combination therein is a help.

Black Tea: A cup of warm black tea with little sugar or honey to taste can help lower your blood pressure. Some persons add real natural lemon juice in addition to sugar. So the habit to take a cup of black tea daily and at regular times helps to reduce a person’s weigh. Taken to the extreme, it brings in other health issues like low blood pressure, which can be as fatal as high blood pressure.

Food Synergy: Like always attract like. Likewise, two or more food items that related in the same food class promoted good health. Onions and garlic are related. So is ginger. They are all alkaline foods. So is fresh unripe pepper. We can say this of mullets, salmon and sardines. Our blood is an alkaline medium. When it becomes too much acidic, sickness is the result.

I Do Take The Dead Man Posture In My Relaxation

The Dead Man Posture
The Dead Man Posture | Source

I Had My Blood Pressure Check Regularly

Check Blood Pressure Pressure
Check Blood Pressure Pressure | Source

Drugs Can Bring Your Blood Pressure Down For A While But Not To Replace A Good Meal

Who Has Got A Blood Pressure?

Every Person Has A Blood Pressure. A person who has not got a blood pressure is literally a dead person as said before. Nothing could be further from this truth. In other words, we all need our blood pressure surge to a safer level. At extreme point beyond this safe level or lower, we are as good as dead.

A safe blood pressure varied with individuals. It all depends on body weigh, for example. An overweight person has a higher blood pressure than the normal level. An underweight person falls below the normal level. A person of 57 kg has likely a blood pressure of 120/80 mm of Hg.

It is easy to put on weight than to lose weight. It is easy to consumed ice creams, fried chips, cakes, chocolates and pop-corns, and foods that have a high propensity to put on weigh quickly and easily. Others are alcohol and sugary drinks. These are the primary ways majority of us put on unnecessary weigh. We do not care for our bodies; neither do we take the time to prepare a healthy balance meal at home most times. Instead, we frequently dine out. Yes, we go for convenience foods like canned bean or chicken and rice or beef. These we believe are much cleaner and healthful. But we usually end up with a problem or two. Food in restaurants has been known to be infected with e-coli! Go here by copying and paste

You doubt this? Yet, certain canned convenience foods are not what the label say the expiring dates are. Some retailing stores have been known to change the date fixed by the manufacturer and it is easy to do this. That is why at times food and hygiene inspectors have force open a can of beef for testing on suspicion.

A Naturally Balanced Meal Will Not Make You Over Eat

A Naturally Balanced MealA Naturally Balanced Meal
A Naturally Balanced MealA Naturally Balanced Meal | Source

Sweet Potato Chop

Cast your vote for Vegetable Potato

Eat A Naturally Balance Diet

Eat a natural balanced diet. A balanced natural food is energetic and medicinal to the human body. It builds the body, restored system functions and protects from sickness and disease. If a person is on a certain diet for a long time like polish rice and white bread as it often happens due to financial limitations, it will soon be obvious that lacking the essential nutrients for a balanced meal, sickness will result. A person who eats the same type of meal in its natural state, that is brown rice and brown bread will be much better.

Nevertheless, fats, oils and proteins should not be rule out. In addition to vegetables, fruits, and herbs that provide mineral salt, vitamins and essential oils. You like a good meal. But too much of a good diet can cause much harm than good. A person should control his/her eating habit. Eating more than what is expected is putting on more weight than necessary. The extra weigh gain results in overweight issues and consequently result in high blood pressure according to Mayo Clinic study. Mayo Clinic further said a person should watch his/her waistline. A waistline measuring 35-40 inches for a woman is risky. Above this a man is a walking dead. On the idea side, you should weight an average of 10 pound.

When you eat naturally, the mineral, fiber, foliage and vitamin content of the food will regulate your consumption of the food. Convenience food could not get you to such a level. It is very palatable and so, the desire to eat more is encourage. This, coupled with the understanding that it is much cleaner, made with the best scientific method, the maximum benefit to be gotten, and so on, one just go on eating more without though of the dire consequences.

Statistic had it that 1 in every 3 person has high blood pressure. The remainder can develop the disease silently at any time without knowing it. It would then be infer that 2/3 of the people can be affect if the trend to put on more weigh is consider. It is on record that it was higher in African Americans. Persons that live in remote rural area and subsist on healthy locally home made meals do not have the disease. This is because they took their meal as naturally as possible. High blood pressure is mostly a disease of convenience food.

When you take your meal as naturally as possible, your being belly full is due to the food content of the fibers, minerals and vitamin like I said earlier in the carb, fruits, roots, nuts and vegetables. So your intake of meal is naturally regulated and you do not over eat. You cannot say so of a food like white bread and pastas.

Why am I saying all this? I am passionate about food and nutrition. I learn a balance food can do a lot of good to our bodies. When I was growing up as a teenager, our grandmothers could not allow us to do away with the skin of a roasted yam or cocoyam. Not even the tender part of a pumpkin stalk. They told us it was full of fish (protein). Learning more as I grew up from my Biology lessons and nutrition expert, I confirmed myself to vegetable and plant source of protein and fats with less animal sources.

Later, I realized a combination of plant and animal source is much better.

In this continuing story, the following topics will be covered:

  • Who has not got a blood pressure?
  • Less Carbohydrate and your body weigh.
  • Fat Bones.
  • Cooked Chutney.
  • Blood Pressure Chart.
  • The Human Body, etc.

Make Your Meal As Natural And Half Done In Raw State

 Natural Food Items
Natural Food Items | Source

Less Carbohydrates And Your Body Weigh

An egg is a source of life. As such, it containe all that it takes the body to grow and produce. An egg is a well balance food, thought its carb content is extremely low for a person. In a meal, balance in quality and quantity takes precedent. However, when it comes to lowering one’s blood pressure, less becomes more and better with increased energy input as goal.

All process refine carbohydrates as white sugars, white flours in making breads, biscuits and cakes; white or polished rice are destitute of essentials. When eaten, these tend to clog the body with waste instead of energy. They all give a feeling of fill up. In the end, they are the cause of much harm to our bodies. Limit they use in making your meal.

To help lower your blood pressure if you ever had one, less of every food that is harming you becomes better with the goal of increasing your energy input. You can get all these from natural foods as can be seen from one of my receipts here.

An Egg Is A Well Balanced Food

An Egg
An Egg | Source

Fat Bones

Some persons are born with fat bones. The fatter the bone, the thick body you are. Likewise, those with thin bones tend to be thinner in flesh. They seem not to have the capacity to put on extra weigh. These thin people no matter what they eat, ice cream, chocolates, sweet cola and malt drinks, cream crackers, pop-corn, plantain or potato chips, meat, you can name the weigh gaining foods you know. They stay thinner. They do not have the bone or skeleton to hold the extra weigh or flesh. But their body is strong and radiates with good health.

With this said, is the propensity to get high blood pressure seems to be more prone with the fat persons?

Nevertheless, a high blood pressure reading that seems positive to a normal fat person will be a negative to our thin person. A natural fat person is not readily a candidate for high blood pressure.

That thin persons too can be affect high blood pressure cannot be rule out. Factors like heavy drinking of alcohol or sugary beverages, heavy smoking; excessive use of condiments and species plus hereditary issues are contribution.

Short persons: Some short persons on the average seem to be heavier than the normal fat person. These too are affect by high blood pressure.

A Fat Person Has Fat Bone

A Fat Person
A Fat Person | Source

Cooked Chutney

Chutney is a mixture of:

  • Seasonings.
  • Spices.
  • Herbs.
  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.

The base or main ingredient can be either a fruit or vegetable. Half cooked, chilled to be eat with rice or bread and any meal, chutney provide a cheap natural means to get essential mineral, multivitamins into the human body.

However, you can make a meal with the chutney rule that incorporate all the elements in less than an hour. If you are very thin, you steadily gain weight. Certain preparations will make fat persons lost some weight.

My recipe is this:

Vegetable Potato


  • 1 medium size fresh sweet potato 50g.
  • Fresh sardine 4 medium pieces.
  • Fresh mullet 4 medium pieces.
  • 45ml peanut oil for frying fish.
  • 10 piece unripe cayenne (capsicum) pepper.
  • 2 piece red hot pepper.
  • 15 lubes of garlic. No trouble with the obnoxious smell when garlic is cooked.
  • 2 big onions.
  • 1 tablespoon ginger powder.
  • 2 tablespoon red palm oil or peanut oil for cooking potato.
  • Dried or fresh green leafy vegetables, pumpkin leaves, sage, curry, basil or celery leaves (you can use any not mentioned here as desire). I used dried basil generously for flavor.
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt. Green leafy vegetables have enough sodium in them.
  • 120ml of cooking water.


  • Descale and clean fish. Wash well in clean water.
  • Salted it with two pinch of salt.
  • Place fish in sun for a brief 10 minutes for water to drain.
  • Light stove or cooker.
  • Put on frying pan.
  • Pour oil into frying pan.
  • Put fish in frying pan and fry for 7 minutes on either side. If fresh sardine and mullet is hard to come by, use canned substitute. But check expiring date six months before expiration. Open canned sardine and mullet, and remove fish into frying pan and warm without oil for 3 minutes.
  • Remove fish into eating pan.
  • Wash potato in fresh clean water with sponge using a knife to scrub the skin and remove any had impurity.
  • Cut the potato into smaller piece 1” by 1” as shown in the picture. Do not peel.
  • Put this into a cooking pot with half of the water. Potato has enough water. Also consider water in the onions and other fresh ingredients.
  • Remove fish when done and put on pot with potato.
  • Cook for 10 minutes with a little dry pepper.
  • Wash the fresh peppers and grind or blend it.
  • Put in the cooking pot.
  • Peel the garlic and onions and chip all into the pot and stir.
  • Cook for 3 minutes.
  • Add the ginger powder and two pinch of salt.
  • Add 2 tablespoon palm or peanut oil.
  • Cook for 3 minutes.
  • While you wash the green vegetable and cut into smaller chunks.
  • Put the greens (basil or your choice) into the boiling pot. Stir and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Stir again and it is done.
  • Serve two persons and can be taken with a cup of milked black tea for super.

This is a weight reducing meal. It is suitable if you had high blood pressure. You can take this two or three times in a week: morning, noon or afternoon as desired.

I Harvested My Sardines And Mullets Freshly For I Live Near A Water Front

Fisher | Source

Fresh Fish: Mullets And Sardines Freshly Harvested

Fresh Mullets And Sardines
Fresh Mullets And Sardines | Source

Descale Fresh Sardines And Mullets


Spread The Sardines And Mullet In The Sun

Drying Mullets And Sardines In The Sun
Drying Mullets And Sardines In The Sun | Source

Put Fish In The Frying Pan


Fried Fresh Sardines And Mullets


Fresh Sweet Potato

Fresh Potato
Fresh Potato | Source

Cutting The Potato Into Smaller Pieces


Sweet Potato cut Into Smaller Chunks


Serves Two Person

A Cup Of Milk Black Tea

A Cup Of Tea
A Cup Of Tea | Source

Complex Against Simple Carbohydrates In The Glycemic Index And Glycemic Load In Carbohydrate Digestion

When it comes to lower blood pressure, complex carbonydrates are much more valuable, and should be prefer to simple carbohydrates. Comples carbohtdrates are of three types: Concentrates, fibers abd root tubers. Concentrates are grains and nuts. Almost any dried carbohydrates should be regard as concentrates because 95-98% of the water content of the food has been removed.

These should be taken in combination for maximum benefits. Beside vitamins and mineral salts, these also contain photochemical. Whole grain concentrates has the germs and brans of the food. In refined wheat and rice, these are removed. The list below is only a guide.

Complex starch: brown rice,whole wheat, sweet corn, legumes and millet, peanuts and bean.

Complex fibers: green bean, egg plant, carrots, cucumbers and cucumbers; red and green peppers,okro and green leafy vegetables.

Complex root tubers: yams, sweet potatoes, potato and cocoyam.

Simple carbohydrates (fruits): mellon,apple, cherries, berries and mango: peach and oranges.

Complex carbohydrates are digested and absorbed slowly by the body and gives long, lasting energy. A simple carbohydrate like a mango or sweet orange will give you a quick energy that will sooner crash, leaving you tired and lethargy. The foods listed below according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the WHO has a low GI of 1 and 2. Cracked barley, skim milk, macaroni, sweet potato, yam and tomato=1. Barley flour, oat bran, puffed wheat, apple and banana; orange, mango, pawpaw, baked beans and black eyed beans and honey=2

All complex carbohydrates when cooked should be half done in their raw state. This will ensure that the mineral and multivitamin contents are retained as much as possible.

The Glycemic Index (GI) And Glycemic Load (GL)The effect of differing carbohydrate foods on the blood sugar or glucose in various ways is the both the glycemic index and the glycemic load. Glucoes or sugar is the primary fuel for the brain and muscles of our body. All foods are index against 100, the number glucose is assigned for how low or high the GI of a food is. It is noted that foods low in GI has a lesser effect on blood sugar and insulin levels and also a slower rate of digestion and absorption. This means ……Therefore, to reduce your blood pressure a low glycemic index diet is welcomed. All one has to do is to switch from white bread and white rice to whole wheat bread and brown rice. In other words, you should change from convenience foods to natural whole meal. Add more green leafy vegetables to your cooking and eat more of the low GI fruits. The low GI diet is a concept of David J. Jenkins, a professor of nutrition. Research has demonstrated it to influence weight loss.

Considering the GI and GL in fats and oils, and proteins in combination with carbohydrates is an issue in debate. Normal natural meal like bean and peanut combination has fats and oils and protein necessary for good health. We even add some extra oils again to enhance the food flavor apart from the oils contained in the natural state with the foods. In such a combination, what is the effect of the GI when the oil was digested much more slowly than the carbohydrates? We all realize that digestion of fats and oils and proteins take a much longer time then simple or complex carbohydrates. This is why some have said that the more fat and protein content a meal has, the lower the GI and GL. When fats, oils and proteins are digested, their also release sugar into the blood. What is the relation of the product to the GI and GL is still a research issue.

Nevertheless, it is still much safer to stick to a simple weigh reducing plan like the glycemic diet.

Yam Tubers Has A Glycemic Index (GI) 1

A Yam Tuber
A Yam Tuber | Source

High Blood Pressure Remedy: 10 Algorithm Steps To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Google high blood pressure and you end up with many and varied alternative remedy. All these remedy have one thing in common. They do work as prescribe with differing degree.

Like medical prescription, they are based on tested hypothesis, tested facts, observation and confirm results over period of time.

You can lower your blood pressure if you have it or are a likely candidate.

  • Cut down your consumption of red meat, beef, and all solid fats like margarine.
  • Reduced your consumption of an egg to two times in a week.
  • If you are a heavy drinker, reduce it to a glass or have it with lemon slice.
  • Avoid tobacco, cigar or reduce it.
  • Increase consumption of omega fatty acid fish foods, sardines, mullet and salmon.
  • Add lean meat to your diet.
  • Vegetable protein, bean, peanuts,cashew and bread fruit should be a regular feature of a good meal.
  • Substitute vegetable oil and fats to animal products.
  • Regular exercise three times in a week in your living room if you cannot do it outdoor. Walking is a good exercise. So is swimming. Mayo Clinic advice that you do not do all weekly exercise overload on a week end. In other words, if you scheduled your exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a week, and you failed to carry through, do not do all on a Saturday.
  • “The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH)” by the Mayo Clinic is that you eat a healthy, natural diet.

The Latest Technique In Reducing High Blood Pressure

The traditional methods of reducing blood pressure either by medication, relaxation,exercise and diet has its nice results. Lately, a new technique called "Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR" system was developed.It is generally called "New Technique Can Reduce High Blood Pressure." Type these words into your browser and you are nearly done.

The good thing about this method is that it is primarily based on relaxation. You need to relax mind and body now and then. In relaxing, one release tension. Think of it this way. When angry and getting crossed, your blood pressure rise! As you relax, it goes down. Many of us knows this. This is why we must practice relaxation regularly.

Blood Pressure Charts

On a blood pressure chart, readings of 120 to 190 on the top is considered high. Over 120 to 140 is pre-high blood pressure. Within 120 to 80 is the idea blood pressure. Below 80 is low. A good diet will increase your weight and your blood pressure. You can consult your doctor on this for medication. The table below make this clearer.

Systolic And Diasystolic Blood Pressure Readings

Systolic (higher)
Diasystolic (lower)
79 or80
Pre-hypertension ( HBP stage1)
Hypertension (HBP stage2)Systolic and D

The Human Body

The human body have been variously described as food, machine, clay and water. All these descriptions are true.

For example, when the body completely dehydrates on death, the dust that remains is all the elements the body used like iron, calcium, sodium, zinc, etc. What we eat and assimilated is what we are. When I was a young teenager, I liked cooked plantain with fresh sardines in pepper soup source. I rapidly gain weight and grow and looked healthy. Soon I was being called “plantain” by no less a person than an immediate junior sister. What is your favorite meal? Is it naturally balance and home made or do you dine out in restaurants most of the time? What type of meal do you like most and why do you like it?

The Human Body

view quiz statistics

Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Lowering your blood pressure is easy. You can seek medical advice. Blood pressure is a medical condition, and because you have it, your doctor will prescribe a medical medication for you. It will help you for a while but not a substitute for a good meal.

Alternately, you can also seek herbal help and resort to natural means.

Increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables, plus low fat fishes that are low in high cholesterol will bring your BP to normal or low blood pressure. Cholesterol in animal fats are hard to be used by the human body, but are essential in lower amounts.


Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 2
Calories 405
Calories from Fat45
% Daily Value *
Fat 5 g8%
Saturated fat 1 g5%
Unsaturated fat 4 g
Carbohydrates 50 g17%
Sugar 9 g
Fiber 3 g12%
Protein 10 g20%
Cholesterol 8 mg3%
Sodium 624 mg26%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Nutritional Information

Basic information on food values came be obtained in most good dictionaries of nutrition. However, on the online world, good software to compute the food value of most food items are now available. Some websites like My Fitness Pal or CalorieKing required you to register as a member and buy the tool.

More so, the United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA) has a comprehensive list of major food value that you can ever imagine. Feel free to visit in your google browser. This will take you to the USDA home page. Type food value into the ars search box. In the new window that opens, click on "start your search here" and you are done.

Concrete Facts

You should regard your blood pressure as the most vital factor in your daily health. Blood carry nutrients round about the body. So what we eat and assimilate is what we become.

Health benefit of Recipe:

  • Lower the body weight due to low calorie intake.
  • Lower the blood pressure.
  • Regulates the blood pressure.
  • Prevent high blood pressure.

Additional Health Benefits:

  • Full of natural goodness; vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements.
  • Prevents diabetes mellitus.
  • Increased energy due to numerous combination of synergy food combination, animal plus plant sources.

Watch high blood pressure video here by copying and paste this link in your google web browser: "

What You See, You Believe, Right?

Pictures makes things much clearer. So what we see, we believe. Pictures increases our understanding of an issue. This can stay much longer than words in our minds.

We have come a long way in our story so far, and now time to watch a video as a complementary to our knowledge. What we miss in words, we gain via, watching the very thing being illustrated or demonstrated in front of our eyes. Take your time and view the video in the video capsule opposite. When you land on the site, click on "Introduction to High Blood Pressure Video" and it will be download.

Happy viewing!

Cholesterol Content Of Some Food Fats

Food Items
Cholesterol Content
Beef Brain
Egg yolk
Cholesterol Content Of Fats


  • High Blood Pressure or HBP is the increase in blood pressure in your blood under abnormal condition(s).
  • Abnormal increase in weight due to food intake is a primary factor.
  • Check your blood pressure (BP) weekly or monthly.
  • You should balance your food with alkaline over acid forming foods.
  • Vegetable sources of food items, fats oils and proteins should be prefer to animal sources.
  • Herbs and species like garlic, ginger, onions, green cayenne pepper (capsicum), plus green leafy vegetables should be used generously.
  • Animal fats and oils and proteins should be reduced; but fish protein like sardines and mullets be used in moderation because they have the essential omega fatty acids be include three times in the week.
  • Convenient foods or fast foods is the primary number one way we put on weight.
  • Drugs, tobacco, beverages and hereditary factors are also responsible.
  • Blood pressure is measure in two ways, the higher over the lover number.
  • Reading of 197/120 means you have a HBP.
  • Mayo Clinic health guide at www.mayoclinic-healthy-living.
  • list of alkaline foods can be view at (type alkaline foods within the search box) and you are done.
  • Principle and recipe of chutney at wikipedia; http://www.wikipedia.chutney/
  • Read a recent food safety news here

So Far, So Good!

Question: What should you do if you have high blood pressure (HBP)?

Answer:Choice one

1. I will consult my doctor.

2. I will choice herbal treatment

Ready For A Swim


Regular Exercise Like Swimming Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Swimming | Source


To lost weigh and lower your blood pressure, two important factors should be take note of. One, a healthy diet plan and a change in life style. Sedentary life styles allow you to put on weight. The more weight you gain, and your blood pressure rise. So, better plan for a good diet low in animal and hard fats. Lessen your intake of carbohydrate and any other consumptions that you suspect make you put on more body tissue than necessary. They is no hard and fast rules here as to what to eat or not to eat. I recommend that you take less of any of your favorite healthy diet.

Again, be physically active. Take a short walk daily if you have not the time for an exercise. One quarter of a mile walk, will do you a lot of good if undertaken two or three times in the week.

To your good health!

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