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How I naturally cured my pcos, wheat, soy, coconut and milk allergies

Updated on June 27, 2014

Doctors may tell you there isn't a cure for allergies, especially food allergies. They believe due to their educational training allergies can only be controlled or "treated" with lifelong medications, anti-histamines and allergy shots that give more than enough side effects.

Especially if you're allergic to wheat, soy, eggs, and nuts, the top allergens in the world, there isn't any hope. But I've never been a medication type of person, especially having had allergies to so many things, I used to feel I was sensitive to everything, maybe the world. I used to take prescribed Allegra everyday during early 2010 when my allergies were at its worse. I finally came to understand after learning about holistic health and alternative medicine during my search to cure my allergies, that to every problem there is a cure and solution. Indeed there is a cure for "all" allergies, including allergies to nuts.

How do I know? Because my nut allergies are decreasing (peanuts, coconuts, etc.) to the point of extinction and I successfully cured my wheat, milk, and soy allergies in as little as 6 months. [Update 2014 - my peanut and coconut allergies are at 0, though a prick test indicated I still have some skin reaction to peanut. I now use a coconut based shampoo with no reactions. I have to give the peanut some time to go since it seems tree nuts are the hardest to cure. Wheat, I no longer have a reaction to and eat it now. So I am 100% cured of both wheat and coconut, yeah!] Whatever I share on my successes are usually from my own experiences, and I hope that many other people out there with allergies can finally become free as well.

Wheat & Gluten Free Diet

Going on a wheat free diet was essential for me, to me it's a gluten free diet allergy cure. I needed my body's energies to be focused on healing and not continuously attacking the body everyday because the wrong foods were entering. Whenever I ate wheat, especially whole wheat, my throat felt it would close up and I would get severe eczema, acne and mood swings. I seemed to be able to tolerate refined flour more than whole wheat but still I felt so bad after eating it, but not to the point where my throat was closing up quickly. Going wheat free last summer also liberated me from the unusual feelings of anxiety and depression. My diet consisted at this time mostly of organic gluten free pasta, brown rice, vegetables, fruits, rice milk, meats, water, and positive thinking!

*Update: I eat wheat foods fine whenever I want without problems. But eliminate it if you want to eliminate any type of allergy.

Flouride Free Toothpaste

I believe using Fluoride Free toothpaste was very essential and the “key” to curing my allergies. Fluoride as many are now aware, is a poison and toxic to us. It prevents our DNA from continuously repairing and regenerating itself everyday as nature intended us to from diseases in the body. One day I hope the government can place a ban on fluoride in our toothpastes and waters. You'll then see that many people become cured of many diseases such as diabetes, cancers and high blood pressure. I also wasn't tolerating fluoride toothpastes because they contained SLS (Sodium laureth sulfate) which is derived from coconut oil, a nut allergen.

Recently I wrote an article on nut free products that I use, including a great fluoride free toothpaste that is gluten free, nut free and lactose free:

5 Nut Free Shampoo, Toothpaste, Conditioners and Body Soap Products

5 Nut Free Hair Shampoos

10 Nut Free Hair Conditioners

5 Nut Free Heat Protectants

Dairy & Lactose Free Diet

During this time period, I stopped drinking and eating anything with milk and lactose, I felt better in terms of my mood and overall health. I don't know if milk is even proper for humans to consume, because whenever I drink it, my chest feels tight, I feel sick and heavy as though there is so much mucous buildup in my chest that makes it feel tight. So I drink organic rice or oat milk.

*Update: I eat pizza fine and yogurt whenever I want without problems.

Healthy Lifestyle & Positive Thinking

Take this moment of healing to release negativity in your life, which will allow you to speed your body in healing allergies. Get out a pen and notebook, give an hour to yourself and begin writing things down that are presently bothering you or have negatively affected you in your life. With each problem, rewrite them by forgiving what has happened, "I forgive..." Each time you write and forgive, you will feel layers of negativity and weight lift off your body which will ultimately speed your healing and make you feel more alive, energetic and healthier!

One book I read on my journey that I highly recommend on releasing negative thoughts in your life and to heal diseases in the body is a book by Louise Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life.” The book also offers scripts or mantras that will allow your body to release negative thoughts related to chronic diseases, such as cancer, which the author healed in herself, diabetes, depression, lupus, anxiety disorders, skin conditions, high blood pressure, epilepsy and so much more.

Check back with me and leave a comment on how these steps helped you overcome your allergies. I really do hope you find peace of mind for yourself or a loved one with this allergy cure.


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    • productreviewme profile image

      productreviewme 3 years ago from New York, NY

      @NellaiSiva74 - Hi, I simply went gluten free, dairy free and used fluoride free toothpaste - all this got rid of my allergies to wheat, soy, diary within 6 months. Plus - sleep is important. Eat no later than 7 and sleep by 11:30pm.

    • profile image

      NellaiSiva74 3 years ago

      productreviewme, what kind of alternate medicine you took for food allergies? It is really amazing that you came out of nut allergy. My son has nut,egg and wheat allergy, we are going through such a horrible time. It would be great if you can share with us.

    • productreviewme profile image

      productreviewme 5 years ago from New York, NY

      @Radcliff, thanks for your feedback. Yes, just eating right can do many wonders for the body.

    • Radcliff profile image

      Liz Davis 5 years ago from Hudson, FL

      Great hub! I love how you included all of these points into one article, because even though they span from emotions to hygiene to diet, they are all important for good health and well being.