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How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

Updated on June 23, 2010
Here we explore exactly how to clean your coffee maker.
Here we explore exactly how to clean your coffee maker.

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker

If your thinking that your coffee from your home coffee maker doesn't taste just right maybe its time to clean your home coffee maker. Your home coffee maker should really be cleaned at least twice monthly to insure that your coffee from your coffee maker has the best flavor. Because after all you want to enjoy the best cup of coffee you can.

Your coffee maker builds up hard water mineral deposits if it is not cleaned properly. Cleaning your coffee pot also takes away oils and grease from all the pots of coffee you have brewed in the past or since you last cleaned your coffee pot.

And the really good news is that your home coffee pot is not that hard to clean up.

And you don't have to go to the expense of purchasing a commercial coffee pot cleanser. You probably have vinegar in your home already and you can use it to clean your home coffee maker.

Just remember you should at no time use soap or detergent of any type when you clean your coffee maker. Many soaps and detergents leave residue behind that will affect the taste of your coffee from your coffee pot.

However you can clean the glass coffee pot that came with your home coffee maker with your dish washing detergent. Dawn Dish Detergent is perfect for cleaning coffee pots. You really should clean the filter basket and the glass pot in Dawn's Dish Detergent.Be sure that you rinse the pot and filter basket thoroughly.

Steps To A Really Clean Coffee Pot.

1. Clean the coffee pot thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Now fill the coffee pot with warm soap and water and let your pot set overnight.

3. In the morning rinse the coffee pot thoroughly.

In order to clean your coffee pots water tank.

1. Place a pint of of white vinegar in the tank and fill the tank the rest of the way with water. Leave the vinegar water solution in the tank for at least one hour or overnight if you can.

2. Rinse the water tank thoroughly with hot water and you may want to rise several times.

Clean Your Coffee Pots Burner.

You will want to use warm soapy water to clean your coffee pot's burner and the exterior of your coffee pot. Be sure not to put any soapy water inside your coffee makers tank as you will never get it out and you will ruin the taste of the coffee from your coffee maker forever.

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