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How To Cook Adobo

Updated on April 10, 2008

Adobo Recipe

Adobo is a viand specific to the Philippines. It has many different ways of cooking depending on the cook. This recipes serves three to five people.


1/2 kilo pork belly, not too much fat, please (cut into bite sizes or larger)

pepper corn

bay leaves

pounded garlic (half a clove)

1 sliced shallot

half a cup soy sauce

1/4 cup vinegar


Saute all the garlic and most of the shallots in a small amount of oil in a shallow pan. Add the sliced pork belly pieces and let simmer for around two minutes. Add vinegar and soy sauce almost directly after each other. Mix well. Add a dash of peppercorns and at least 4 pieces of bay leaves (crumpled or torn).

Let the adobo simmer for about 45 minutes on very low heat. Keep an eye on the adobo in case it dries up. if it does, add some hot water (about 1/4 cup). Before you turn off the stove, add the remaining shallots and mix well. Serve your adobo. Expect the adobo to be tender and a little salty.

Tips for cooking great adobo:

Make sure that the meat is thawed well before cooking.

You can add a little bit of sugar to taste.

This viand tastes better as you reheat it for the next day.

You can also use lean meat instead of pork belly.


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    • profile image

      sexy_jcl14 7 years ago

      That's my favorite... yummy viand!

    • profile image

      unknown 9 years ago

      This method is a different version of Adobo.. it tastes more like pork steak because of shallots, authentic adobo brings out the flavor of garlic...not shallots