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How To Cook Fish- 3 Awesome Fish Recipes Of Asia

Updated on September 25, 2012


5 stars from 3 ratings of Baked Fish

1.Baked Fish

Baked Fish is an easy and classy way to prepare fish.Within 20 minutes you are off to a delicious meal


Cook Time

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 20 min
Yields: Serves 4 People


  • 500 g Fresh Fish, Bigger types of fish are better
  • 100 g Fresh Tomato
  • 1 Big Onion, Sliced
  • Green Chilies, Chopped
  • Lime Juice
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Ginger, Grated
  • Garlic, Chopped
  • a tablespoon Butter
  • a tablespoon Wheat Flour
  • 1 cup Milk
  • Chile Powder
  • Cheese, Grated
  • Turmeric, Powder
  • 2 tablespoons Coconut Oil, ( Vegetable oil too can be used)

How To Cook This Fish Recipe

  1. Add salt and boil the fish. Remove the bones and chop the flesh. Keep the chopped fish aside.
  2. Pre heat a pan and add butter. When it melts add the wheat flour. Stir the mixture slowly. When it starts to solidify add the milk. Add the pepper and a pinch of salt ( according to your taste) to this mixture and keep it aside.
  3. Now add coconut oil or vegetable oil to a pan and heat it. Add garlic, onions, ginger and tomato. When they start to fry add green chilies, Chile powder, turmeric powder, and pre-boiled fish and cook.
  4. Turn off the heat.
  5. Add lime juice.
  6. Now add the previously prepared mixture of butter and wheat flour, to this. Now put the whole thing to a Pyrex vessel and bake for 7 – 8 minutes at 180 Celsius, after adding cheese.

2. Fish Pickles

The Advantage of Fish pickles is that you can use it for about a week without worrying about contamination.And its so easy to make after all. Following describes how to cook fish pickles.


  • 200 g of Fish ( Small types of fish are better)
  • Pepper
  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg
  • 1.5 cups of Vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of Sugar
  • Salt
  • 4 tablespoons of corn oil

How To Cook This Fish Recipe

  • Clean the fish well.
  • Get a clay vessel ( Metals react with vinegar) and add pepper, cloves, nutmeg,vinegar, salt and sugar and mix well.
  • Add fish to this and close the vessel tightly and keep this in a refrigerator for 1 day.

3.Fish Bistake


  • 500 g of sliced fish
  • Turmeric
  • Lime juice
  • Pepper
  • 50 g of Big Onions( chopped)
  • 40 g of Tomato ( sliced)
  • Green chilies ( sliced)
  • Garlic ( chopped)
  • Ginger
  • Salt
  • 2 tablespoons of oil

How To Cook This Fish Recipe

  • Put the oil to a pan and heat it. When it boils add onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, pepper, and when they fry add the fish and a little bit of water. When the fish is half boiled add tomato and green chilies and cook.
  • Add lime after fish is cooked properly.

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Wonderful recipes. I'll have to give them a try.

    • letterme profile image

      letterme 5 years ago

      @litsabd Hope you find this recipes interesting though.Let us know how it all went.Thanks for reading and commenting :)

      @bravewarrior You should definitely try it :) Fish pickles after all is an ancient food preservative method ( Of course this one is an adapted one.No refrigerators back then :) ) but it works still fine today.Thanks for reading and commenting :)

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I love fish and could eat it 7 days a week. However, I'm afraid I have no idea what fish pickles or fish bistake is!

    • litsabd profile image

      litsabd 5 years ago

      I have always loved fish but there didn't seem to be many recipes I liked. I'll try your though. They must be something new for me as a don't know the combination of fish and coconut in my mouth! Looking forward to finding out! :)