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How To Cook Rockin Teriyaki Chicken On A George Forman Grill

Updated on September 14, 2011
my GFG teriyaki chicken (sorry about the pic quality)
my GFG teriyaki chicken (sorry about the pic quality)

First Time For Everything

So about a week ago I cooked some teriyaki chicken for the first time, and cooked it on the george forman grill for the first time. So it was a night of first. However it definitely was not the first time my cooking was a hit!! I was a little nervous to begin because i didn't know how it would turn out, but in the end it was Amazing!!!

  • The prep time was still the same. For my recipe I use boneless chicken breast. I did my key first step and seasoned the chicken. Always season your food even if it is just going to sit in a bag of marinade. My family likes a seasoning called "slap yo momma" (no lie that is what it is called). A lot of times that is the only seasoning needed. I personally like garlic powder, oregano, seasoned salt, and black pepper. But use whatever floats your boat, it is your dish after all!
  • After that I have a rule with marinade "the longer, the better." Of course we live in the microwave age so 30 minutes at least. During that time I let my GF Grill heat up.Yeah Baby!!! And just a side night any marinade will work but teriyaki is awesome and a crowd pleaser. I personally like to add a can of pineapple chunks, drained of course and throw those on the grill too.
  • After everything is "hot and heavy" its Cookin Time!! You start by placing your breast on the grill and closing it and letting The Champ work his magic. Also it's a good idea to read the manual so you know how long you need to cook your food. I like to (and its not required) open my grill, flip the meat over, and add a little more marinade on top. Anything for extra flavor. I Had about 8 breast so I turned my oven on 350* and soon as they got right to the done point on the grill I threw them in the oven and just for kicks added a lil' mo marinade. Also to keep them warm while the others cooked to perfection.

Now trust me these babies were juicy. Putting them in the oven at that low temp did not take away from the flavor at all. Or dry them out. George Forman did not dissappoint at all. The meat had the good grill look and taste and the baked in goodness of the oven marinading. Two Thumbs Up!! I combined the meat with a creamy parmesan mashed potato and a box of Hawaiin rolls (best rolls ever) and it had a nice tropical feel to the meal. No one could move afterwards but still yelled for me. And worried about left-overs, Get Outta Here!! They were even better the second day. So join the rest of the millions that got a GF Grill. I got mine for Christmas and it was well worth the sale price i paid. It is a little Miracle worker. And definitely a quick fix for the hungry masses tugging at your apron strings. Grill On......


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    • aluvoyl profile image

      aluvoyl 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      thank you so much!! it turned out really good. and adding the extra marinade between cooking really helps. thanx for the encouragement. stay tuned for my strawberry shortcake lol!!!

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      I will have to try this with my George Foreman Grill! I love teriyaki and often times just have plain chicken instead of making it something awesome.

      Thanks for sharing keep it up!