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How To Green Clean Food Bacteria That Causes Salmonella With Items In Your Kitchen Cabinet -Food Poison Remedy

Updated on March 29, 2012

How do we properly kill the bacteria that causes salmonella which is the culprit in most cases for food poisoning if we don't know what it is? We are taught to clean our kitchen counter-tops after cutting raw meats and to never use those utensils for cutting other foods. But do we fully understand what salmonella is?

What Is Salmaonella?

Salmonella is a rod shaped bacilli that can cause serious diarrhea in humans. It can only be seen with a microscope and can stay on dry surfaces for up to 2 weeks and in water for months.

It will not effect the taste and appearance of the food it contaminates.Salmonellosis is the disease that is caused by salmonella. The best way for prevention is education, please read on.

Salmonellosis (Food Poisoning) Symptoms

The symptoms can last for about a week. Some get so ill they have to go to the hospital and other get past in on their own.

  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • cramps

Food Poisoning Remedy

If you ever get food poisoning try slowly sipping 8oz of warm water with 2 tsps of applecidar vinegar until it is gone. Do this 3 times during your day. This will give you and ache before bringing up the bad food.

7 Ways To Spread Bacteria The Causes Salmonella

  1. Seafood, with contaminated water.
  2. Raw eggs from infected chickens.
  3. Raw meat and poultry cross contaminated with feces while butchered.
  4. Cross contamination of foods while preparing raw and unclean foods.
  5. Not washing hands after going to the bathroom,and/or changing a babies or adult diaper.
  6. Playing with pets(chicks,rodents & reptiles).
  7. Not washing uncooked foods.

5 Ways To Prevent Salmonella Bacteria Contamination

  1. Wash hands with soapy water for about 20 seconds before and after cutting raw meats and poultry before tending to anything else.
  2. keep your meats and poultry separate in your refrigerator and while shopping.
  3. Don't use dishes that have previously held raw meats without properly sanitizing.
  4. Never let cooked food sit out more than 2 hours before refrigerating.
  5. Wash counter-tops, dishes and utensils after use.

How To Kill Bacteria Causing Salmonella From Kitchen Counter-Tops And Surfaces With Home Remedy

This remedy is used by putting vinegar and peroxide in separate dark spray bottles. The dark spray bottles keep the liquids more potent when used. Do not mix together or they will cancel each other out.

Green Cleaning Recipe

  • 2 dark spray bottles
  • peroxide
  • vinegar

Spray anyone first then the other wait about 20 seconds then wipe and rinse. You can spray onto :

  • counter-tops
  • cutting boards
  • sinks
  • dishes used
  • fruits
  • vegetables

There are many that may prefer using bleach but can not due to health reason. This is a great green cleaning solution to that problem. This 2 step vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide method can kill even more bacterias than household bleach .(According to Susan Sumner, a food scientist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University )when sprayed one after the other.

I also spray and rinse my meats and poultry to be on the safe side. Keep these spray bottles handy and full at all times. You never know when you have very precious merchandise on your kitchen counter-top or sink so stay free of all bacteria that causes salmonella and other diseases!

Some Of The Most Wonderful Things Are Cleaned In Your Kitchen Sink...Keep It Clean!


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