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How To Grow Catnip

Updated on June 17, 2010
Growing Catnip Is So Easy
Growing Catnip Is So Easy

Growing Catnip

Did you know that catnip belongs to the mint family and that the leaves have a lemon mint scent. Common catnip has beautiful blue flowers and the plant will self seed and come up again next year. Plant your catnip where you want it to remain for a number of years because once it is established it will keep coming back year after year.

You will want to choose a area with full or partial sun and the plants will grow 3-4 foot tall. And you want to allow the plants room to spread out. You want your plants to have good drainage and it would not hurt to add a generous layer of mulch to the soil and work it in before you plant your catnip seeds or plants.

You will want to plant your seeds 18-20 inches apart and 1/4 inch or less deep in the soil. Allow 8-10 days for your catnip to come up and as soon as the plants are up good you want to thin them to 18-20 inches apart to give the plants plenty of room to grow.

Once your plants are 12-14 inches tall start to prune them on a weekly basis to make your plants bush out and produce bushy fuller plants. When the plant first starts to bloom prune off all the blooms and your plants will bloom again later in the year. You can save and dry all your cuttings including the blooms from your pruning jobs.

You can cut leaves for your cat after the plants are 14 inches tall and you will find your cat will be most interested in green leafy cuttings.

In the fall you want to cut down the whole entire plants and hang them upside down in a garden shed to dry. You want to cut your plants down and hang them up to dry at the first sign of any yellow leafs. You want to remove the dried leaves and flower buds and crumble them up by hand and store in large brown paper bags.

If your selling or giving your catnip away buy a supply of small pocket size brown paper bags and fill each bag about 1/3 full and label the bags catnip so people will know what's in it and be able to remember what's in it if they put it away.

You can give cats dried catnip or sew a small amount into a small cotton bag and you will have created a marvelous cat toy that your kitty will enjoy for hours. And keep in mind that a cup of homemade catnip tea will work wonders to relieve cold symptoms and it will also help you to get to sleep at night.

If you have catnip tips , comments or suggestions feel free to post them below in the comment section now.

You might want to talk to your cat about catnip.
You might want to talk to your cat about catnip.
(C) June 2010. This hub page was created for Hub Pages by Thomas Byers.
(C) June 2010. This hub page was created for Hub Pages by Thomas Byers.

Please feel free to post your comments , tips , and suggestions about catnip now. And thanks for reading my hub page.

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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Didn't know that about catnip tea, (for humans!). Thanks.

    • profile image

      Cat Lover 7 years ago

      I grow catnip every year and my cat loves it.

    • JohnM profile image

      JohnM 7 years ago from Miami Florida

      It's a wonder we don't see cats being urged to give up catnip. But it is a great hub Crazyhorsesghost. Thanks for all the great information.