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How To cook like a chef

Updated on November 2, 2012

cooking 101

When I was growing up, I avoided the kitchen like the plague. I was not in the least bit interested in how to keep up the house or how to keep a man happy through his stomach. I come from a family of six where I am the only girl, and although my mom started out being the cook of the family, it gradually got passed down to the children as chores. I had my turn at cooking dinner and through the years, I was teased because I often burned the water and could not cook.

I learned how to cook some items in Girl Scouts and later in school when home-making class was available. My mom tried to teach me how to cook, but I was not interested and she soon gave up.

Now that i am older and have been a single parent for a number of years, I have taught myself that the best way to cook is to cook from the best. I follow other peoples' recipes. I have not explored every realm of cooking or every cookbook out there, but I have a collection of recipies started many years ago and I continue to collect ones that work for me and my new family.

My new family thinks I know how to cook and have often told me what a good cook I am, but little do they know that my secret is stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor--recipies, that is.

Finding recipes for different meals has gotten easier with the internet. Many of the cookbooks and cooking magazines now have websites of their own where you can get the recipes for free. If a recipe you cook turns out to be good and your family enjoys it as much as you do, then it is one to keep. You can either print it out from the website or keep it in a recipe file they set up for you.

Understanding directions from your boss is a lot like following a recipe. You look at the list of ingredients and pick up from the store what you do not have, and you use the measurements provided unless you are more daring. I follow a recipe exactly as it is written with no variances. i do not have the confidence to stray from the directions. However, some cooks look at a recipe to get a general idea and then add or subtract ingredients.

The recipes that I look for have to have ingredients which I have in my cup-board, are easily obtained from the grocery store, and feed a family of five. I look for a variety of dishes that range anywhere from enchiladas, to soup, to egg rolls, and anything in between. i like to keep dinner from getting dull so I cook a variety of recipes from several cuisines like Chinese, American, Mexican, and Asian. I love to try out new recipes because it gives me a sense of freedom, new smells, and interests me in cooking everyday for my family. i don't like to be bored. Cooking also relaxes me so I have a tendency to cook several different things at the same time.

Looking like a professional cook and not technically being one is one of the easiest and cheapest things we can do as women. For those of us that have limited skills in the kitchen, following word for word someone else's idea is simple and easy. If you can follow directions, you can cook like the professionals. There are an enormous amount of recipies to choose from and the majority of them are free. You no longer have to buy the latest magazine or cookbook because you can view them on their websites. No subscription is necessary and no skills are needed either. if impressing people and eating good food is a goal for you, then you no longer need to have the ghosts of the past haunt you. You too can be a good cook. Just remember, if a recipe does not impress anyone, do not use it again. Choose another one that does. And men do eat soup for dinner despite protests otherwise.


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