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How To Make A Homeade Frapuccino

Updated on August 16, 2012
Looks nasty, tastes great.
Looks nasty, tastes great. | Source
If done in a blender.
If done in a blender. | Source

We all know how expensive coffee can be at places like Starbucks. Your dying for some caffeine and need a wake me up to begin your day, but you want it now and you have no money. If that's you, no worries. I am there every day.

So how do you remedy this? I have a simple 5 ingredient recipe that will suit you just fine, will be easy on your wallet, and right at your fingertips.

Homeade Frappuccino

1/2 cup chilled coffee made extra strong (1/4 cup if your using a regular sized coffee cup)


Flavored Syrup

Ice (optional)

Whipped Cream (optional)

Tall to-go coffee cup

Simple as follows: Place the coffee into a tall to-go coffee cup. Add your ice. Add the milk until you reach about 2.5 inches from the rim of the cup. Add the flavored syrup of your choice. Flavors come in amaretto, almond, vanilla, french vanilla, carmel, chocolate mint, and many other flavors. Monin has a wide variety of different flavored gourmet syrups online which also come in sugar-free. You can also just go with the basic brands like Torani which is what I use and found at your local Walmart. Mix with a spoon or blend ingredients in a blender and top it with whipped cream if you'd like.

There ya have it folks. For me, I figure it costs about $25-30 a month to keep up my frappuccino addiction making it myself verses $4 to $5 a day for one from Starbucks....and it tastes just as good. Tweek it to your taste perfection. Once you get it right, it will stick!


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