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How To Make A Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake

Updated on July 1, 2009

Easy and inexpensive, Cupcake cakes are a cute twist on the traditional sheet cake frequently made or store bought for graduation parties, communions, birthdays and national holidays. Cupcake cakes always wow the crowd and can be decorated just like a sheet cake! Here, we talk about the construction of the basic cake. Please visit my linked articles at the end of this page for ideas on decorating your cupcake cake.

Tools Needed

  • Spatula
  • 15 to 24 homemade cupcakes in paper liners, cooled (I use store-bought "pudding in the mix" cake mix)
  • Piece of cardboard cut to a 2-3" margin on all sides. (I recommend visiting your local grocery store's bakery and asking to purchase one of their 1/4 sheet (for 15 cupcakes) or 1/2 sheet (for 24 cupcakes) cardboard bottom and the plastic top/bottom set they use to house these sheet cakes. They will charge a buck or two for these three pieces but it is well worth it to keep your cupcake cake creation safe.
  • Buttercreme icing is best. (See or Michael's craft store) Store-bought is okay but make sure you let it soften before you ice with it. (Buy 2 store-bought tubs)

Highly Recommended Tools to Purchase

  • Speed Iceraka Eclair tip (See or Michael's craft store)
  • Disposable decorating bags (See or Michael's craft store)

How To Construct Your Cupcake Cake

  • Center your cooled cupcakes (still in their paper liners) on the cardboard. Place the cupcakes side by side so they touch each other.
  • Place your speed icer inside the disposable bag and cut the tip just so the tip of the speed icer peeks through the end of the bag. By cutting it too much, the pressure on the bag will push the tip out and icing will spill all over your cake.
  • Fold over the top of the icing bag into a cuff, and fill the bag with icing about halfway.
  • Un-cuff and twist the top of the bag off to keep the icing from coming out the top of the bag.
  • Make sure the speed icer has the "flat side up", facing you. (The teeth-up side will give you waves you don't want for this project)
  • Liberally ice the cake in stripes, overlapping the stripes.
  • Once the etire cake is covered, gently run a spatula over the top to make it smooth. Add more icing to thin areas or areas where the icing is falling through the seams between the cupcakes.
  • Remove any extra icing from the sides of the cake that may be spilling over.

Your finished project should look like a flat sheet of icing was laid over your cupcakes... no swirls or peaks... and it should look like a sheet cake except that the sides of the cake (the paper liners) are NOT iced.

Cupcake cakes are great for making a character or image cake. For example, you could place the cupcakes in the shape of a football and then ice it. Any shape you want, just play around with it!

Very good!


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      lauren 6 years ago

      veryyy helpful!!