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How To Make An Army/Soldier Birthday Cake

Updated on June 3, 2011

The Cub Scout's annual father/son cake walk resulted in an army cake this year. As it turned out, this is the perfect type of cake for a father and son to make, as any imperfections can be easily covered up and incorporated into the "landscape". Here is exactly what we did to make a super cool army cake, complete with toy soldiers.


Cake mix + plus eggs, oil and water needed to make the cake

Two containers of white icing

Food coloring - green and black

Hershey kisses

Praline chips or chopped peanuts

Round red candy (we used skittles)


First bake a cake mix in a 9x13 pan, any flavor will do. You could also use a brownie mix rather than a cake mix to keep things interesting and possibly have it hold together better. We were giving our cake away, so we took a sturdy piece of cardboard and covered it with tinfoil. Turn out the cake in the center of the cardboard and let it cool.

Second, ice the cake. We wanted to create an army scene, so we tried to make most of the icing army green. We used a combination of green and black food coloring to achieve the desired color. When we turned the cake out onto the cardboard some of it stuck to the pan. Rather than trying to repair it, we left the hole there and filled it in with brown icing to look like a muddy hole.

Third add decorations to make it look like a real army scene. As we shifted the cake and cardboard around a crack developed in the cake. Rather than covering with more icing to hide the crack, my son wanted to fill this in to look like a creek with rocks. We used praline chips to fill it in, although you can also use chopped nuts. We used Hershey kisses to look like boulders. You can leave the silver wrapping on to make them look more like rocks, but we opted to take off the wrapping. My son positioned the soldiers how he wanted them and we scattered the red skittles around to look like bombs.

This army cake was super easy to make and even with flaws we were able to make it look good, just as if we had planned to have it that way. It didn't take long to decorate it and it was fun for a father and son to do together. If you really want to get creative with the icing, you could add camouflage patches of different colored icing.


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    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 6 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Great idea fro a cake and a hub. Have a soon to be stepson who would love this idea. Voted up and awesome.

      Sweet wishes Rhonda

    • chukseasy profile image

      chukseasy 6 years ago

      that was really delicious i guess, plzzz can you dish some for me

    • HealthyHanna profile image

      HealthyHanna 6 years ago from Utah

      Good Idea!! I have a grandson who would love one.

    • yassoo profile image

      yassoo 6 years ago

      v good and useful i will do

    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 6 years ago from Ireland

      Very inventive.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thasnk brings back memories.

    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 6 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      I've seen it all - Spiderman, Barbie - but this is definitely an original idea, easy and practical. Good for you!

    • Jane Grey profile image

      Ann Leavitt 6 years ago from Oregon

      My little brother were both in boy scouts, and I know how important it can be create something "boyish" exactly how they picture it. This is a great idea and will be very memorable for your son! I love that your husband did it with him-- boys need their Daddys to be relevant in their lives for both the fun stuff and the serious stuff!

    • brandytanner profile image

      brandytanner 6 years ago from New Hampshire

      That is a really awesome cake!!

    • Nicole Winter profile image

      Nicole A. Winter 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

      What an awesome father/son project you guys took on, and the end result is simply fantastic! Thanks so much for publishing this, it looks like they really enjoyed putting it together.

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      How fun for your son!