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How To Make Buttercream Roses

Updated on April 20, 2013

Making a buttercream rose can be hard, but with some patience and practice you will master this poplar skill, and be ready to make wonderful works of art out of your cakes.

The kind of buttercream to use all depends on you and what works best for you I like a dry buttercream but that may not be the best for you, I suggest you try the all until you find the one that will work well for you.

What you will need

  • · Frosting
  • · Pastry bag with a coupler
  • · Rose tip
  • · Flower nail
  • · Small squares of wax paper

Step 1

Get your piping bag ready with your rose tip. I like the 122 tip by ateco. The size of your tip will affect the size of your rose the smaller the tip the smaller the finished rose will be. Hold you bag in your main hand for e it is my right hand and your nail in the other hand. Add a drop of frosting to your flower nail and lay a small piece or wax paper on top your Flower nail. The small amount of icing will keep the wax paper from sliding off. Place the wide end of your rose tip ageist the nail angling in.

Step 2

Squeeze your pastry bag with firm pressure to make a slow constant steam and turn your nail to make one full circle. You should end up with a small cone that is fat on the bottom and small on the top.

Step 3

Place the rose tip on the side of the cone you just made, the top of the rose tip should extend just slightly above the top of the cone you just made, so that the petals will be higher than the center of the rose. Squeeze the piping bag and move the rose tip in a slight arc while you rotate the nail in the opposite direction to form the first petal stop one third of the way around a start a new rose petal the slightly overlaps the first petal. You should have three petals when you make the full circle. If done right, petals look like they unfold outward from the center, and slightly overlap each other.

Step 4

Repeat as above on the next layer this tie making five rose petals. Keep making layers n this way until the rose is as large as you like

Step 5

For the last layer make sure it is neat. Place your petals evenly around your rose still slightly overlapping. When you are done remove the rose from the nail by sliding the wax paper off the nail and placing it on a pan the rose can be left here while you make more. Freeze the roses until they are hard and thy will be easy to remove from wax paper and ready for your cake.

After you add your roses to you cake you can pipe some vines, leaves, and drop flowers for a nice touch.

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