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How To Make Homemade Chocolate Candy Molds - Part 1

Updated on January 2, 2017

Making Homemade Molded Chocolate Candies

Easy Step-By-Step Guide:

  • Melt and temper the chocolate of your choice. (Refer to How to Temper Chocolate Guide).

Blocks Of Assorted Chocolates
Blocks Of Assorted Chocolates
  • Bring melted chocolate to working temperature (refer to guide).

Tempered Chocolate
Tempered Chocolate
  • Either spoon the tempered chocolate to fill the cavities of the chocolate molds or fill a disposable piping bag with the tempered chocolate. Snip off or cut a very small opening at the tip and squeeze and fill the cavities of the chocolate molds with the tempered chocolate. Do not overfill so that the chocolate will easily fall out from the molds. If you did overfill the molds, just scrape off the excess chocolate on top of the mold before the chocolate sets and harden.

Piping chocolate into the mold.
Piping chocolate into the mold.
  • Gently tap the molds a few times to remove air bubbles.
  • Place the chocolate-filled molds in the freezer inside the refrigerator for a few minutes to quickly harden the chocolate. The chocolate is set and hardened if the underside of the mold appears grayish or frosted. It means is now ready to be unmolded.
  • Place finished chocolate candies in individual fluted paper cups and store in an airtight container and keep at a cool dry place. Molded pure chocolate candies will stay fresh for two to three weeks in a cool dry place or at room temperature while cream-filled ones should be kept in an airtight container inside the refrigerator or is best-kept in the freezer because the freezer is not a moist environment.

homemade chocolate candies in fluted cups
homemade chocolate candies in fluted cups

Tips Based On Personal Experience:

Wrap the container with a paper towel in several layer) and place the container in an airtight bag or freezer bags before storing inside the refrigerator because the refrigerator has a moist environment making it a not so good place for chocolate. If you plan to store your chocolate candies for a long time, the more ideal place to store chocolates especially chocolates with cream filling is the freezer, but before storing your chocolate inside the refrigerator, first, place it overnight inside the refrigerator to bring its temperature down. Avoid placing your chocolates beside foods that have strong odors inside the freezer.

  • Remove chocolates from the the freezer and from the container (so that the condensation that formed stays in the container and not in the chocolates, condensation tends to make the cocoa butter separate from the chocolate which will make your chocolate look dull and ungorgeous:) though it will still taste the same) and let it warm at room temperature before serving.

Did You Know?

Do you know that a chocolate bar is poisonous and lethal to dogs and holds true for cats and other household pets?

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  • tammyswallow profile image

    Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

    Great information. It seems candy making is a lost art. My Grandmothers used to do it. Pinning!