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How To Make Delicious Mango Lassi In 5 Minutes-Easy & Refreshing Summer Drink

Updated on August 3, 2012

The 5 Minute Mango Lassi-Refeshingly Delicious

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How To Make A Deliciously Refreshing Glass of Mango Lassi

Fresh ripe mangoes, Alphonso variety
Fresh ripe mangoes, Alphonso variety
Fresh Mango pulp
Fresh Mango pulp
Yogurt, plain and fresh
Yogurt, plain and fresh
Blending yogurt and mango pulp together for a quick smoothie
Blending yogurt and mango pulp together for a quick smoothie
Quick and easy, this delicious Mango Lassi is a perfect summer drink.
Quick and easy, this delicious Mango Lassi is a perfect summer drink.

Beat the heat of summer with a glass of chilled Mango Lassi

Mango lassi is the ever popular refreshing and delicious drink available the world over in Indian restaurants. This delicious summer drink is easy to make and that too, in just five minutes. Just three main ingredients and a blender and you have your very own chilled glass of mango lassi. If your child knows how to handle a hand blender, he can make himself a glass of mango lassi anytime he wants.

What is Lassi

Traditional lassi is just watered down plain yogurt, to which seasonings of your choice are added. Normally, in Indian homes, during summer, lassi is served to guests. In north India, sugar is added for a sweet lassi topped with some cream. In South India, salt, finely cut green chillies and coriander leaves, crushed ginger are added to make buttermilk. This is essentially a very watered down plain yogurt. Lassi or buttermilk is always taken at the end of every meal to aid digestion.

Mango lassi is made from plain yogurt, some water, and mango pulp. Sugar may be added and adjusted according to the sweetness of the mangoes being used. Mangoes come in various varieties, but for this recipe, always use the Alphonso variety, as it tastes simply divine. Make sure you choose ripe and firm, yellow Alphonso mangoes to get the best tasting mango lassi. You need to skin the mangoes, remove the stone in the center, and slice or chop the pulp before adding to the blender. By and large, the Alphonso mango is available everywhere and if you prefer, you can use canned Alphonso mango pulp, in addition to the fresh mango.

You may use a hand blender to blend all ingredients together. Some like to use a little milk instead of water in this recipe to make it even more delicious.The yogurt must be plain and fresh for best results.

Caution : Do not blend for more than a couple of minutes to avoid curdling.

Serving Suggestions : Serve it chilled. Topped with some crushed cardamom powder and pistachio nuts. For a spicy twist, add a pinch of ground ginger while blending. This will aid in digestion as well. If you are in the mood for a more exotic version of the mango lassi, simply pop in some mango ice cream while blending and serve topped with a scoop of mango ice cream. This is a sure hit among adults and kids alike.

Why the Mango Lassi is the Preferred Summer Drink

This mango smoothie (lassi) is not just delicious, it is packed with essential nutrients that your body requires. In summer, we sweat, losing precious salts. These mineral salts are necessary to make our muscles function optimally. A cool glass of mango lassi whilst being refreshing also replenishes the minerals and vitamins that were lost while sweating. Energy is restored thus making you cool and refreshed, ready to pursue any form of activity.

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Ready in: 5 min
Yields: Serves 1 person


  • 1, medium sized Fresh Ripe Mango (Yellow & Firm), skinned,stoned & chopped or sliced
  • 150 ml Yogurt, plain
  • 50 ml Milk, fresh
  • 2 tbsp Sugar, castor
  • 1 Cardamom, powdered fine

Easy as 123 ! Even your kid can do it !

  1. Pour yogurt and milk into a blender. You can use a hand blender or a mixer.
  2. Add the fresh mango pulp.
  3. Blend for a couple of minutes.
  4. Pour into tall glasses & top up with coarsely crushed pistachios and powdered cardamom seeds.
  5. Option : Serve chilled with or without a scoop of mango ice cream on top.

Nutritive Value Of 1 Glass (250 ml) of Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi
19.9 gm
3.1 gm
4.4 gm
0.7 gm
1.2 gm
163 mg
109 mg
1.5 mg
Vitamin A
4571 IU
Vitamin C
17 mg
Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin A(beta carotene) and Vitamin C, and Fiber among others. Yogurt is a good source of Calcium, Phosphorus and Protein.


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