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How To Make Oil Free Popcorn

Updated on January 22, 2012

A Healthy and Cheap Alternative

If you are following a heart-healthy diet and want to have oil-free popcorn, you can make your own very cheaply.

All you need to make completely oil-free popcorn is a bunch of popcorn kernals, a paper bag, and a microwave.

Toss a handful* of kernals in the bag, fold it closed, and cook for about 3 minutes, 20 seconds. You can buy popcorn kernals in bulk at most health food stores.

Top with a healthy alternative, like nutritional yeast or a taco seasoning spice, or just eat plain. You can use a small spray bottle with water to help the powder or yeast stick to the popcorn.

Now enjoy!

*1 tablespoon to be exact usually yields about a large bowl-full of popcorn.

Need Larger Volume?

For larger volume of popcorn, you might want to invest in an air-popper. You can get a plastic bowl type that will fit in the microwave, or look into something even better, like commercial hot air corn poppers. Check beforehand to ensure the popper pops the corn kernals with hot air rather than with oil. Prices can vary, but you'll see there are a lot on the market that make a greater volume of popped corn in just minutes. For those wanting to avoid oil and butter on their popcorn, it's a great choice.

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A Safe and Healthy Snack

Drizzled with hot butter and cooked in oil, theatre popcorn can have more calories and fat than a visit to your local fast food joint. Definitely not what you want to be eating if you are dealing with heart disease or trying to lose weight. Better to adopt a taste for the low-calorie, heart safe alternative ~ air-popped popcorn, and sprinkle it with your favorite healthy seasoning or spice. Your arteries and waist will thank you.

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