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How To Make Your Children Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Updated on May 21, 2012

Nowadays, many children prefer to eat fast foods and other convenience foods, which increase obesity risk. Thus, mothers are often at a loss when it comes to ensuring that their children get proper nutrition. Most children are reluctant to eat vegetables and fruits. They hate vegetables and will often just refuse to eat them. Helping children develop healthy eating habits is a struggle for many mothers. For them, every single day is a challenge on how to convince their children to eat vegetables and fruits.

How Mothers Can Deal With Picky Eaters

1. At the market or grocery stores, allow your children to choose several vegetables of their choice. Let your children select a few to take home with you. These may include potato, tomatoes, carrots, onions, beans, among others.

2. At home, let your children help you in the kitchen. Younger children can help to wash the vegetables, while the older ones can help you chop veggies.

3. Cook vegetables in different ways. You may serve them raw (make sure that you prepare them properly) as a salad on day 1 or lightly steamed or cooked the following day.

Mothers should limit their children's intake of sodas--which suppresses the appetite so kids are less likely to eat nourishing food--juices and sports drinks in order for them to be able to drink the required two to four glasses of milk per day. You may also add calcium-rich foods on their diet, such as enriched breads, grains and wafles; sardines; and soybeans. Some children get an upset stomach whenever they drink milk. When this happens, let them drink after meals or switch to lactoce-free milk.

We all know that junk foods is not very healthy and nutritious and it should be avoided from children. To refrain your children from eating junk foods, don't eat junk food yourself. Children learn by example. As a mother, you must introduce healthier foods to your children that can replace junk foods. You can do this by making, for example, your own burgers from lean ground beef instead of buying your children fast food burgers. If your children ask for candy, give them fruit slices instead. Much better if you let your children eat the same food you take.

Just avoid taking the idea of healthy to the extent that you are already obsess about healthy foods that might frighten your children, especially to the young ones, that might lead to problems down the road. Lastly, treats should not be forbidden because that will just make your children want them more.


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    • FalconSays profile image

      Karen S Falcon 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I always joked, "If you starve them long enough, they'll eat anything." Truly joking. But my daughter was never a picky eater and even as a little one would eat her veggies, for anyone. People used to ask me all the time what my trick was and I would give them my joke above. . . but really, I just got lucky! She's a great kid, never gave me a day of trouble.