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How to Make a Perfect Fluffy Omelette-the no fail,quick and easy way.

Updated on May 14, 2013

Essential Equipment and Ingredients

The secret ingredient is actually the pan you choose to use. I can't stress this enough. So if you love being praised after spending time slaving over a hot stove cooking breakfast for the family you must invest in a good pan. After having failed time after time to attempt a passable looking omelette I was about to give up and just cook the same old scrambled eggs when I was given a Tefal hard anodized fry pan. What a beauty! I could not believe how easily, quickly and perfectly it cooked my omelettes. I became the Perfect Omelette Maker Queen. The hard anodized pans surface remains flat and non stick which is what you need for cooking omelettes. Of course there are other small but no less significant rules to follow such as never adding anything but water to your egg mixture...That's right! there are quite a few people who mistakenly believe that omelettes need milk or cream. The addition of either of these ingredients will only have your omelette falling apart and becoming scrambled egg.

It Is Much Easier To Cook One at a Time When You Start Off

Of course pans come in all sizes but a 20cm (8 inch) pan is ideal to cook an omelette for one, and until you want to experiment with cooking bigger omelettes I recommend starting with a small pan. I have successfully cooked omelettes for 6 people at breakfast just by cooking one at a time and it has taken just under an hour and much easier and nicer than cooking fried eggs & bacon. Of course your entire filling can be cooked in advance and this really simplifies things. Keep you oven on low and pop them in to keep warm while you make the others. Once you get a roll on they take no time at all.

Basic Omelette Recipe


small mixing bowl

whisk or fork

non stick egg flip

small fry pan or skillet approx 20cm (8 inch) I recommend a hard anodized pan with a non stick surface.

a griller or salamander grill



2 eggs

1 tablespoon (approximate) water

salt to taste

dash olive oil or if you must....butter

Omelette filling, prepared in advance see suggestions below.


*Always have your filling prepared before you cook your omelette

Turn on your cook top to medium and grill or salamanda to high

Place the olive oil in the pan and put your pan on medium to high heat. Now while this is heating up (anodized varieties don't take long) quickly beat your eggs with the water and salt. Tip the egg mix into the hot pan and gently lift away the sides of the omelette with the egg flip as it starts to cook. This allows the runny uncooked egg to dribble down onto the pan surface. Continue doing this until most of the uncooked egg has "slid off". Don't worry about some of it still being uncooked because you now pop your pan under the grill and count to about ten this will ensure any uncooked egg is firmed up. Remove the pan and put 2-3 large spoonfuls of your favourite filling on one side of the omelette and return under the grill for about 1 minute or if you are using cheese, until it has melted.

Now to plate up, just gently lift the outer edge of the omelette with your egg flip and fold over to conceal the filling. Carefully slide off the pan onto your plate, add a little extra filling if you like and parsley for garnish. Don't forget the LOVE

Filling Suggestions;

I personally love fried chopped onion, bacon, tomato, and mushrooms then adding some grated or sliced cheese before putting under the grill. Really simple but oh! so good.

But you might prefer some chopped cooked chicken, chorizo sausage, capsicum and olives.

or why not serve them for lunch and make it with seafood and avacado. With the addition of a salad you have a delicious and nourishing meal.


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    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 4 years ago from Australia

      My pleasure lampshanliang. I wrote this hub before giving up dairy and meat but we have 3 adorable chickens ( that will never be eaten) that give us beautiful eggs every day so I still enjoy eggs but will never buy eggs from caged birds. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • lampshanliang profile image

      Ryan Andrew Peters 4 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Christine, I'm going to eat an omelette right now. This article has made me hungry. Thanks for a fun read.

    • Touch-finish profile image

      Touch-finish 6 years ago from Twin Cities

      Wish I had access to a stove in my dorm room. This hub made me hungry!

    • Christine P Ann profile image

      Christine P Ann 6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the feedback Molson, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

    • molson5070 profile image

      molson5070 6 years ago from State College, Pa

      This is such a great Hub. This recipe sounds delicious. My only problem is it's currently night time and now I really want an omelette!(not sure I'll be able to wait until morning haha)