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How To Make a Vintage Wine Bottle Label on The Computer

Updated on March 9, 2014

Making Labels Isn't As Hard As You Think!

Do you want to know a secret about the wine industry? It’s this: you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get a fabulous bottle of wine. In fact, you can find excellent brands right in your own grocery store.

Even wine aficionados have to admit that there are a host of very good vintages at the local supermarket that cost less than $20.

That being said, you can make your wine bottle look like a million bucks by creating a vintage wine bottle label on your computer.This is perfect for customizing a wine gift and making it even more special to the recipient.


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DIY Label Tips & Tricks

Making a vintage wine bottle label is ideal when gifting a bottle of commercially available wine or your own home brew. A computer and printer make it all the more quick and easy.

All you will need is label paper or regular paper and glue.

Below are some tips for making an exquisite label.


1. Choosing Unique Paper

Start by choosing weathered-looking or interesting paper for your label. This will lend an air of elegance and class that complements the gift of wine perfectly. You can buy perforated label paper or simply cut and glue your label after it is finished.

2. Designing Your Label

Design your label to have a vintage look. You can use classic artwork and font to create that feel. Take a look at vintage wine labels online for ideas, and also incorporate the tastes and interests of your recipient.

Want to make your gift extra-special? Why not include personalized glassware as well! They'll be elated!


3. Choosing a Message

Think about your label’s message. If it is a holiday wine gift, you can write something like, “Merry Christmas Merlot.” Include the type of wine and other important details, such as its vintage year.

4. Choose Special Fonts

Write your message in a dramatic font. Cursive and script fonts are excellent choices.

Experiment with fonts and choose one that suits the type of wine and your recipient.

In addition to more “vintage” fonts, there are contemporary styles that may suit your recipient, as well as the type of wine, better.

There are some sample fonts to the right that you might consider using.

5. Computer Programs for Wine Label Design

Use Adobe Photoshop or another art program to design your label, incorporating the message and the artwork. You should work with a size of 2x2 inches or 3x5 inches, depending on the size of the bottle.

Working on the computer allows you to import labels, artwork, and even photos of the recipient. If you want, design a smaller label for the back of the bottle. This can contain more information, a story, or a photo.

You can also use sites like to design your own label. This is a great idea for multiple recipients, and you can also order great label paper there, or DIY it and print at home.


When You're Finished!

Creating a vintage wine label is perfect when you give gifts, and it is especially well-suited for corporate gifts. Your company could print labels with their name and logo for employees, associates, clients, and customers for holidays and special events.

Use your imagination; you will create a wonderful, personal, and unique gift that your recipient is sure to treasure. Sometimes, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside!


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    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 5 years ago

      What an awesome idea! Great for weddings and parties too.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      What a great idea -- I think adding the unique paper is probably the best thing you can do to give that expensive look to your wine label. Voting this Useful.