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How To Reuse Keurig K-Cups

Updated on April 19, 2010

Keurig brewer owners are some of the savviest coffee drinkers, and they want to know how to reuse their K-Cups. They want to know how to make the most of the Keurig brewers, how to save money on K-Cups, and how to help the environment with their Keurig brewer! Whatever your concern about using too many K-Cups, there are wise ways you can enjoy your Keurig brewer. Here are some great tips on how you can rethink using K-Cups so that you can save money or go green!

Where to Buy Discount or Bulk K-Cups

If you're a smart shopper, this option might set your heart aflutter! Keurig K-Cups can be found online at amazingly discounted prices so that you not only get a deal on your favorite morning fix, but you also get your K-Cups in packs of 24! This way you don't need to make as many store runs to refill your Keurig coffee stock. And the other upside is a win for the environment! By purchasing discounted packages, you lessen your impact on the environment by eliminating excess packaging waste. In tight economic times, saving money as a clever consumer is more important than ever, and no one knows this as well as Keurig brewer users. So if you're interested in the discounts prices, be sure to check out the discount K-Cups offers online.

How to Refill K-Cups

For the DIY proud, this option is a fun way to get more bang for your buck. Next time you pull a lovely caffeinated drink from your Keurig coffee machine, don't be so quick to throw away that Keurig K-Cup! That little K-Cup capsule can get you more than you bargained for. Try opening up the foil lid, pulling out the coffee grinds, refilling that K-Cup up with fresh coffee grind of your choice and brew that K-Cup all over again. This way you don't have to waste those plastic pods! If grinds seem to be leaking out, try cutting little coffee filters to fit your reusable K-Cup. And if you really love the original coffee that your K-Cup offered, search online for discounted bags of that exact roast and blend! You'll be able to fill your K-Cup with the same flavor that got you going at first sip!

How to Recycle K-Cups

When the environment is your main concern, using plastic K-Cups can throw a kink into your daily coffee routine. But fear not, there are ways your luxurious coffee indulgences can be good for the environment. While most focus on the fact that the plastic portion of the Keurig K-Cup cannot be recycled, what many overlook is the fact that the other two-thirds of the cup can be recycled. Coffee grinds in your old K-Cup can be reserved and used in garden fertilizer. The acidity in the coffee grinds can be a treat for some of your plants—just be sure to check that the flora in your yard can take the extra acid kick. As for the K-Cup itself, the paper coffee filter and the foil top can be pulled off and recycled without a problem.

How to Reuse K-Cups

Some don't want to throw away a perfectly formed piece of plastic. For them, here's a bit of news that can help them rest easy: you can send your K-Cup into a new life by reusing it! These plastic little pods can be fun when integrated into crafts for children in preschool, daycare or kindergarten. Consider contacting your local teachers to find out if their classes can benefit from some recycled supplies. For the future, Green Mountain Coffee, the parent company of Keurig brewers, is actively working on a way to solve the plastic problem. In the near future you could expect to find that your plastic coffee pods are either recyclable or contributing to something good for the environment.

How to Use My K-Cups

To reduce waste, the people at Keurig have set their brains in gear to create a reusable My K-Cup. My K-Cups are coffee filters that are shaped just like the Keurig K-Cups. They fit perfectly into the K-Cup slot that every Keurig brewer sports. The only different is My K-Cups are made of durable materials and they are 100% reusable. My K-Cup is a plastic pod that opens up to reveal a wire mesh filter on the inside. Instead of cracking open another fresh K-Cup every time you want a delicious gourmet brew, My K-Cup allows Keurig users to use fresh grinds with a reusable, long-lasting pod.. With a My K-Cup any worries about contributing to waste are washed away, and Keurig users are still able to enjoy delicious and convenient Keurig coffee.

Use K-Cups Your Way

What savvy K-Cups method suits you best?

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    • TwoBeeOne profile image


      6 years ago

      Save even more by avoiding K-Cups altogether. Read my hub at

    • danielleantosz profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      very cool!!

    • profile image

      Cheyanne Brothers 

      7 years ago

      Sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't think your getting the point across properly, people are on the go, which is why they bought this coffee maker, make your "k-cups" out of something biodegradable.


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