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How To Save On Your Grocery Bills

Updated on November 24, 2008

How To Save On Grocery Bills

Has the rising cost of gas and the resulting dramatic rise of grocery prices got you down. Well I may just have a bit of advise to help you out and hopefully enable you to save big on your grocery bills.

Sunday Grocery Coupons Can Save You Big Money On Grocery Bills

Sunday Grocery Coupons Can Save You Big Money On Grocery Bills
Sunday Grocery Coupons Can Save You Big Money On Grocery Bills

Sunday Grocery Coupons Can Result In Big Savings

Don't miss out on the fact that your Sunday local newspaper is probally filled with money saving coupons. Yes all those coupons can really save you money. You just need to set yourself up to take advantage of the situation. And in most areas of the country you will find yourself saving even more money if you do your grocery shopping on Sunday. I will explain more about that later. You need a pair of scissors and an envelope and set down and cut out all the money saving coupons from your Sunday Newspaper. You will be surprised what you will find coupons for. Also be on the lookout when you are reading other newspapers and magazines for money saving coupons. Save all those you know you will use in your envelope.

Your Grocery Shopping List

It is important that you make a grocery list before you go grocery shopping and that you stick to the list unless you find some real bargains. You can take your grocery list and go through your envelope of coupons and check for items you have a coupon for. Make a check beside the ones you have a coupon for so you will be sure to use that coupon or coupons. Be sure to see if your favorite grocery store has a double value coupon day. Its exactly what it says. The store offers to let you use grocery coupons and on that day the coupons have double the value. If your grocery store does not offer this ask around to see if other area grocery stores do.

Don't Take The Kid's Grocery Shopping

If at all possible do not take the children to the grocery store with you. You will find you spend much less when you don't take the children along.

Don't Go To The Grocery Store Hungry

The best time and way to go grocery shopping would be to go to an early breakfast on Sunday morning and then go to the grocery store for your weekly grocery shopping. You will find you make far less inpulse buys when you go grocery shopping just after a meal. Plus the walk after the meal will do you good. Avoid buying the items stores line the check out lines with. They place those items there to get you to make additional purchases.

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Grocery Savings: Are Coupons Worth My Time? (Part 3)

Save Money With Coupons: And Get A Lifetime Supply Of Certain Products!

Save Money Live Better: Save More Than You Thought Possible At Wal-Mart!

Don't Miss Your Local Discount Grocery Stores

In most areas of the country you probally have a local discount grocery store and quite possibly you have several of these stores. Don't be loyal to just one local grocery store. Be sure to investagate your local discount grocery store or stores. And ask questions. Is there one day when they have more items than other days? Do they honor the sales coupons from newspapers? Do you get discounts for large purchases?

Not a member of Wal Marts " Sam's Club "

Then you should join because you can buy items in bulk at Sam's Club and save big money. Compare the prices of Meat items at local stores with the price of meat at " Sam's Club " You will find you get some real deals.

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    • profile image

      mp 8 years ago

      Great hub and great tips... not bringing the kids alone will save me a bundle... lol... seriously that one is worth its weight in gold...

    • profile image

      Dorset Catering 8 years ago

      Personally i like to grow my own veg which helps save on cash and it tastes great.

    • DarleneMarie profile image

      DarleneMarie 9 years ago from USA

      Very well done Hub w/ great tips!