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How To Tell If Grapes Are Ripe

Updated on November 27, 2013

Grapes are a delicious, juicy fruit. There are over 50 varieties of table grapes and even more wine grapes. Grapes are an excellent low-calorie snack that are perfect for those on the go. As with all fruits, ripe grapes are the tastiest; whereas, immature or overly ripe grapes may not be so delicious and can be a turn off. It is, therefore, important to know whether grapes are ripe or not.

How to Tell if Grapes are Ripe

Look for grapes with new, fresh stalks. Dead stalks likely mean over ripe grapes.

Give a bunch of grapes a good shake. If too many grapes fall off the stalk, it means they are likely too mature and overly ripe.

Tip: Unlike many other fruits, grapes will not continue to ripen after picking. They will spoil, but they will never become more sweet or juicy. Therefore, the sooner you eat grapes that you purchase, the better they will taste.

© 2013 Maya Frances


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