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How To Tell If Watermelons Are Ripe

Updated on November 27, 2013

Watermelons are a delicious summer snack. However, the more ripe the watermelon, the more delicious it is. Not everyone knows how to pick the best watermelon out though. This article gives tips on how to pick out a delicious and ripe watermelon.

How To Tell If Watermelons Are Ripe

Avoid smaller watermelons; less ripe watermelons are usually small, because they were picked too early. Pick an average to large sized melon.

Examine the stripes on the watermelon. If the stripes on a watermelon stand out, it is most likely not ripe. A ripe watermelon will be a fairly uniform green color, with very little color contrast between the stripes.

If you press on the rind and it gives, then the watermelon is likely ripe ready to eat.

Look at the bottom of the watermelon; if the bottom is off-white or yellow, it is probably ripe. If the bottom of the melon is white, it is not ripe.

Finally, try holding the watermelon close to your ear and thumping it. Listen for a hollow sound. If you hear a hollow sound, that a good indication that the watermelon is ripe. If you hear a solid thud, the watermelon is not ripe.

© 2013 Maya Frances


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