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Eat Your Way to Health and Keep the Doctor Away

Updated on July 1, 2022
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A historian, computer geek, and interested in western, alternative and herbal medicine. A health enthusiast, fond of exercise and nutrition.


Medicine will help in health issues but not a guarantee in the long run.
Medicine will help in health issues but not a guarantee in the long run. | Source


Good health is the best asset a person can have more than anything else for a lifetime. An ailing body worries the doctor more than anything imaginable. Do you think because he/she is there to treat you that doctors expect you to be sick? Far from it! I recalled when I was in secondary grammar school, I constantly had a cold seizure. I even had a problem eating my meals. I went to see my doctor. He looked at me, examined my medical history, and put my papers away.

Then, he asks if I can identify the liver in an agama lizard. He suggests I kill it and soak the entails in boiled water for two minutes, and eat it up.

It was this same doctor with the same breathe told me that he and his colleagues are tired of seeing sick persons! I do not know that at that time that preventive medicine was trending. As doctors do not like to see you sick, here I will tell you how to keep them away from you most of the times.

Avoid Sickness and Disesae

“It’s a wise man’s part, rather to avoid sickness, than to wish for medicine.”- Sir Thomas More (Utopia).

Avoid Sickness and Diseases Keep the Doctor Away

Avoid sickness and diseases at all cost. I believe in doctors, hospitals, and medicine. A healthy person still needs the doctor, for example, for a medical check-up. I had relations who are doctors and surgeons. Because you and I had to keep doctors away, should it be reasonable for the community or society to tell them away? That is a negative insinuation.

A medical doctor tried his best to keep my father away from some food items like fried eggs, refined salt and sugar, and smoking while experiencing high blood pressure. My dad confides this to me and realized I am reading much on health care. Instead of taking the doctor at this word, and continuing to lose his mind on preventing the re-occurrence of the sickness, he went back to his old ways. He soon passes away to the great beyond.

If you got involved in an accident, and you had a trauma, I kind of should need to call the doctor. Doctors have an important role to play in the health of a person, whether sick or not.

But when it comes to persistent issues like a cold, degenerative disease, lack of energy, fever, and things that easily caused minor ailments, then you can do your best to keep the doctor away. Do you wonder, while you wait in the consulting room, the doctor was called out to see an accident victim at times? It is in your power to do some changes. You have to change the environment like using a mosquito net to sleep under at night to avoid insect bites. Doctors were counting on you too to keep sickness and disease at bay.

A Doctor

A doctor can get tired of seeing you sick
A doctor can get tired of seeing you sick | Source

The Placebo Effect

If you persisted in courting ill-health because medicine and doctors were usually available, your doctor will prescribe a 'placebo'. The capsule consists of water. You believed that you are sick. You equally believe that the placebo will cure you! Your doctor will not tell you that you are being given a placebo.

Medicine or Nutrition?

'Medical doctors study medicine and not nutrition'.-Dr. Benjamin S. Frank

Nutrition Science

Professor Truswell is an acknowledged authority on nutrition science. He is reputed to have introduced the study of nutrition to medical doctors on a part-time basis to facilitate their work because they have no instructive teachings on food and nutrition during medical studies. Medical doctors study medicine. They study how to use 'chemicals' to treat sickness or disease. The use of food to treat a sick person is foreign to them.

Now, with the science of nutrition, doctors like Benjamin S. Frank, Robert Taylor, and others after toughly studying your symptoms, will only prescribe 'tinned sardines' and kinds of seafood; and regular exercise as a cure. Do you think that cannot work? I have eaten fresh fruits and vegetables above the recommended 7 servings a day to treat eye ailments when medical doctors and eye specialists have told me that I had clocked 60 years when I was 30. But the eye ailment results as a result of chemical treatment for a fever.

You Are What You Eat

Like it or not, many of us are a product of what we eat. In my teenage years, I was fondly called 'plantain' because I regularly eat plantain for breakfast with fresh sardines. I rapidly gain weight and put on healthy flesh. Actually, I become what I eat. Sickness and disease will come from under-eating or over-eating good, nutritious meals. Also, illness affects those who eat 'dry' palatable unwholesome foods made only with 'refined' ingredients. I use the word dry because natural organic compositions in the food items have all been sieved out.

Doctors now recommended you should eat organic whole meals. Eat more fruits and green leafy or yellow vegetables. Varied your intakes regularly. Add seeds and nuts to your meal. Once or twice a week, eat a vegetarian or vegan diet along with a cup of avocado. You are primary a vegetarian. Add a teaspoonful of nutritional yeast to your plate of a vegetarian diet. It will supply the protein necessary to build the body. Someone else will like to add chia seeds. This will balance your diet.

Dr. Benjamin S. Frank recommended 'a variety of foods rich in nucleic acids', plus fluids (fruit juice and dilute milk), and one 'strong' vitamin capsule. He further states you enrich all your meals with varieties of kinds of seafood, in specific 'tinned sardines' as it has the highest source of nucleic acid in a diet. On days one, two, three to seven respectively, he said you should eat sardines, salmon, shrimps, lobsters, and clams; oysters, squid, and mullet. Eat differing seafood daily. There is an option for you to choose from animals or birds two times a week. All these will help ward off degenerative diseases. If you are younger, the illness is retarded. Do not forget to take your megadose of multivitamins once a week.

Now, how about starch? Eat potatoes and yams with their skin after discarding the wax. Eat wholemeal bread. Fruits and vegetables contain a balanced portion of starch and sugars. That is already mentioned above.

A Vegetable Fruit Salad

Eat more of fruits and vegetables as a salad dish for breakfast ot snack.
Eat more of fruits and vegetables as a salad dish for breakfast ot snack. | Source

Good Nutrition

'Good nutrition is essential to good health…restoring it when disease sets in'.-Dr. Benjamin S. Frank

Eat Your Way to Health

Our meals then should be a balanced, nutritious diet. Fruits and vegetables, proteins, fats or oils, and, carbohydrates or starch in that order. It is recommended by an authority like 'MyPlate' that half of the chop plate consists of fruits and vegetables, five or seven servings a day. The remaining half portion is shared for protein, fat, starch, dilute fruit juice, milk, and water. All the food nutrients a person needs for good health are now achieved.

A Balanced Nutritious Meal


Program Physical Exercise

Good health is a wholesome physical and mental well-being, and not just the absence of diseases. Doctors are now in agreement with keep fit experts that a program physical fitness plan works like medicine on the body. The Mayo Clinic and others were now using physical therapy to treat ill-health. Dr. Robert Taylor in particular states that 'women outlive men because of the exercise of housework-making beds, sweeping the floor, hanging laundry, and pulling the shopping cart'. Continuing, he said, 'Tomorrow when you (the men folk) take the subway to work, get off one stop early and walk the last few blocks. Or walk to the third floor, and take the elevator to the rest of the way'. Professor Truswell, and Bruce Tulloh, a fitness coach, agreed on all this. So, stretch, exercise, walk, jog, and swim, to pump oxygenated blood into tissues, building endurance and stamina, and improving vitality. This will program your body to fitness, good health, and sporting activities. Let me inspire you with a quote from Tulloh: 'Most of the body cells are renewable, and exercise stimulates renewal'. Dare to experience that for a lifetime.

Exercise your body regularly on certain fixed days, if not daily. I exercise regularly three times a week and follow this up with brisk walking, jogging, and swimming. On certain weekends, I jog more than a mile and back. Exercising at the same time will stimulate and release hormones into the bloodstream. This will help the renewal of the body cells, and tissues.

Physical Exercise Builds the Body Healthily

Here indoors I am doing a mountain climbing workout
Here indoors I am doing a mountain climbing workout | Source


To achieve good health, and keep the doctor away, keep sickness and disease away from you. Eat nature’s balanced diet, and exercise your body regularly. Follow this with an annual medical check-up.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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