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How to run a liquor store

Updated on November 23, 2016

Wine well commercial wine chiller

How a commercial wine chiller can increase your sales

A commercial wine chiller is a great investment that is sure to increase your sales in no time. The more wine that is sold, the more profits that you stand to earn making a wine chiller a great investment for any establishment that offers wine for sale by the glass. When choosing which wine to sell it is important to research different wines as well as the quality of each one to help you to make an educated decision on which wines you would like to sell. Customers will appreciate your efforts and purchase more wine if you offer quality wine at an affordable price. 派傳單

So once you have chosen the best wines that you feel the customers will appreciate the next step is to educate the wait staff on the different types of wine as well as offer their suggestions to customers to help increase sales. The key to good wine sales is keeping the wine at the correct temperature for the best flavor and most consistency. Research the different types of wine to determine the recommended serving temperature. For example, most red wines should be kept at 65 degrees for the best flavor. White wines should be kept slightly cooler with an average serving temperature at around 50 degrees. If you plan to serve both white and red wine you should purchase separate wine chillers for each.

Wine reacts to the environment in which it is in and storing and serving wine at the wrong temperature can often decrease wine sales due to customer dissatisfaction. Purchasing an inexpensive wine cooler is a great way to preserve the wine allowing the wine to be served to customers at the ideal recommended serving temperature. The small investment that you put into a wine chiller can easily pay for itself in no time with the revenue earned with increased wine sales from satisfied customers.

So if you serve wine remember that most wines are best served well chilled and will offer a better taste and texture when served at the right temperature. White wines such as Chardonnay are the most best when served well chilled and will be kept at the ideal temperature for serving when placed into a wine cooler. So if you are looking for a way to increase wine sales purchasing a wine chiller is a great way to increase profits by improving customer satisfaction which will lead to increased wine sales and profits.

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