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How about a cuppa indian filter coffee?

Updated on June 25, 2010
A cuppa indian filter coffee
A cuppa indian filter coffee
Green coffee beans from the plantations
Green coffee beans from the plantations
The coffee mixing and pouring in tumbler and glass.
The coffee mixing and pouring in tumbler and glass.

Coffee beans were first grown on the plateaus of Ethiopia. They reached the Arab peninsula through Yemen where coffee has been cultivated since the 6th century. The stimulating effects of coffee are attributed as far back as the thirteenth century. In the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula, a shepherd by the name Kaldi, observed his goats joyously dancing near a shrub that bore bright red berries. Kaldi was sure that it was the aroma of the red berries that caused the euphoria. His observations were confirmed by the local monks who used the brew of these berries to keep awake during long hours of prayer. The berries reached different parts of the world through the monks. Coffee houses flourished in Cairo and Mecca more as a style statement rather than an addiction to the brew. According to Indian lore, Baba Budan a revered Muslim holy man on pilgrimage to Mecca in the 16th century, discovered the euphoric effects of coffee. In his passionate longing to share his find with his companions at home, he smuggled seven coffee beans out of the Yemeni port of Mocha. He wrapped the beans around his belly. He planted the beans on the slopes of the Chandragiri Hills in Kadur district, Karnataka. This hill range was later named after him as the Baba Budan Hills where one can visit his tomb till date. Thus coffee had arrived in India.

Indian coffee is mostly grown in the southern part of India and is very different in taste and aroma from South american coffee. The roasted coffee beans are ground and brewed in a stainless steel coffee filter. Powdered coffee is percolated with hot water in the stainless steel filter pot. The hot brew is blended with milk and sugar and mixed thoroughly with the help of two stainless steel containers- a tumbler and a glass. With mixing and pouring the coffee decoction, milk and sugar mixes, blends and froth ups. The coffee is served in the stainless steel glass while the tumbler is used as a lid.

In the state of Maharashtra, Maharashtrians adopted the southern coffee brew with a twist. In order to tone down on the euphoric effects of the coffee grits they add powdered nutmeg and cardamom powder to the coffee decoction and viola! there emerges a stimulating hot drink that is undeniably delicious and invigorating. Rarely would you ever have a guest turn down a Maharashtrian style coffee.

If you ever have the chance dont miss out on a chance of trying hot filter coffee a la Indian style!


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