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How Buying Ground Beef in Bulk helps us have Quick Easy Meals & Save Money

Updated on December 6, 2012
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Ground Beef in Bulk

I started to buy ground beef in bulk mostly to save money for our family, but I have found it also saves us a great amount of time and energy too. I went to my local costco to buy ground beef. Buying in bulk allows me to buy a higher grade meat and save costs.

When I am making the first meal from the ground beef I cook up all of the meat. I used to seperate the uncooked meat and freeze the rest of it. I found that whenever I needed a quick meal I had plenty of frozen hamburger meat that I would have to defrost and then cook. Now I cook up all the meat, drain the fat, and seperate it into portions for meals.

I have this wonderful frying pan that we got when we opened a checking accoutn before we were married. I have searched high and low for another one like it but have yet to find one. It is a George Foreman pan that has a fat draining coil around the edge. I use this pan to drain as much fat off the meat as possible. Another great way to drain the fat it to use a colander in order to seperate the meat and the fat.

After the meat is drained and cooled I can then seperate the meat into gallon zip loc bags. I press out as much air as posssible and place them into the freezer. I now have several meals that I can prepare quickly.

Tonights meal was tacos. We got home at 7pm and my husband had to leave by 7:30. Not much time to make dinner. I looked at the options and decided on tacos. I took out one of the bags of frozen meat and popped it into the microwave for a few minutes on 30 percent power. I then broke it up - still a little bit frozen, put it into a frying pan with some onions, water, and taco seasoning. In ten minutes we have a full meal ready to go.


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